Think Pink!

Spring is in the air! For me, pink is in season all year round. But, if you're not pink obsessed like I am, spring is definitely the one time of year you should consider sporting it. I mean, even the trees turn pink! Here are three great pink accents to entertain. (Cast is purely optional.)

Thinking about pinking.

First, a headband! Padded headbands are trending right now and if you're going to jump onboard, I say go headfirst! Hot pink looks great with both dark and light hair. I think the key to wearing a headband is to have a defined center part and making sure the headband is set back far enough on the crown of your head to appreciate it.

Different shades of pink are ok!

Don't be afraid to mix your shades of pink, no one cares. Here I have the hot fuchsia pink headband paired with a barely there pastel pink blouse. The bubblegum pink flats are in a totally different family, but since the three pieces are separated (by a neutral!) nothing clashes or hurts the eye. 

Maybe your house loves pink!

Not ready to wear it yet? That's fine too. Maybe your house is! Here's a close up of that to die for tulip wreath that I know you spotted! Wreaths are so silly expensive anymore, but not this one, on sale for only $30! Have a great spring, and go buy something pink!

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