How to Add Some Luxe to Everyday Looks

How would you define everyday luxe? This was our conversation when my fashionable friends and I first landed on the topic/theme for the month. Agreement was reached that we might each define it differently. Therefore, we landed on each of us defining it for ourselves. Here's my spin on it: Everyday luxe is taking an everyday item that might typically be plain but elevating it to another level. Think about wearing t-shirts, ja plain white blouse, jean jackets and sweatpants. These clothing items might be relatively plain perhaps different colors or materials. Now add embellishments such as sequins, rhinestones and glitter! BOOM! You've now got an everyday item that's comfortable but it has a luxe feel and look. What do you think about my definition? How would you define it?

  • Luxe My Way

This look embodies all that I consider luxe! I'm wearing a relatively plain black v neck t-shirt but the v is trimmed in metallic silver. The skirt is an easy pull on but make it luxe by wearing a metallic silver or gold skirt. The denim jacket is a one of kind made by Jackie of Dyetology. To read a previous blog about Jackie, click HERE. The shoulders have rhinestone pieces. The cuffs are trimmed in shimmery/glittery black ribbon. One of the pocket flaps has silver metallic embellishment. One of the side panels has a beautiful floral pattern in sliver and black metallic. If you are talented and at all crafty, you could easily create your own one of a kind piece; or reach out to Jackie. I know she'd be thrilled to create a beautiful one of kind denim jacket just for you!


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