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Accessories can make all the difference in an outfit! When I think of accessories, earrings, bracelets, rings, purses, belts, etc. come to my mind. I don’t always think about hair accessories probably because I have a pixie! However, I’ve seen all the super cute, extra wide, embellished headbands and was willing to step out of my box and give it a try! Plus you know my thoughts: Accessories elevate a look from good to great! Why not experiment?! Here is a list of the current hair accessory trends according to WHO WHAT WEAR for your consideration:

  • Organza Scrunchies (as seen above)
  • Bucket Hats
  • Wild West Hats
  • Ultra Wide Headbands
  • Retro Driving Scarves
  • Embellished Headbands
  • XL Clips
  • Mini Jaw Clips
  • Claw Clips
  • Maximalist Clip Stacks

Head Band Trend

Hair accessories can be tricky depending on the style and length of your hair. By now I’m confident that you’ve seen the big, thick headbands with all kinds of embellishments. Since I have short hair, I didn’t really think this trend would work on me. However, I was willing to give it a try especially on this headband that was on sale for only $3. at Target. I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually pull it off. This particular headband is velvet with large pearls. Who doesn’t love pearls? Lori even did a post on pearls titled “Pearls Are Always Appropriate” Jackie Kennedy Onassis. To read that post, click HERE.

By the way, I’m titling this picture Puppies and Pearls! What’s better than puppies and pearls?!

This yellow headband has been in my drawer for years! If you saw last week’s blog post, you know that we featured pops of color! Since yellow and gray are this year’s Pantone colors, I added my headband along with my yellow belt, pumps and shoes! Then I added my metal studded headband and lastly tried my rhinestone headband. One outfit but multiple looks! While these are skinny headbands, I say go with whatever feels most comfortable for you when adding accessories! If you like it and are comfortable and confident, you’ll look amazing!

You know that I love all things sparkly, glittery, shiny! Fancy should have been my middle name! This rhinestone headband holds a special place in my heart because I originally purchased it to wear for my vow renewal ceremony for our 25th wedding anniversary. Since this hoodie is embellished with rhinestone buttons, I felt my rhinestone headband was a nice add on hair accessory!

Fashionable Friends

For more hair accessory inspiration, I thought I would include some of my fashionable friends. I have met all of these wonderful women on Instagram. We participate together in and several you’ll recognize from Stylish Mondays.

Meet Jodie of Jodie’s Touch of Style! Jodie recently did a whole blog post titled: Advice on Decorative Hair Clip Style for Pixie Cuts. Additionally, Jodie features fashion trends on her blog along with her mom, and her mom’s friend.

“Hi! We are here to prove that it’s never too late to look great. Join myself, Jodie, along with my mom, Charlotte, and good friend, Lesley. We are 3 different decades of women with unique body shapes and style. This isn’t just any website. We want to have fun and be creative with our style.”

Jodie’s message resonates with me as that is exactly why Fashion Trends and Friends was started. You know the mantra: You can look cute and trendy no matter your age and no matter your size!

Heaadbands and Clips
hair accessories, Jodie Headband Tie
Jodie: Headband Tie
hair accessories, Charlotte Hair Clips
Charlotte: Hair Clips
hair accessories, Lesley Wide Headband
Lesley: Wide Headband

Meet Emily of jbowenandcompany. Emily is an attorney and mom of three. She enjoys living a slower and more meaningful life. Emily enjoys thrifting and encouraging secondhand. She loves the turban style headbands!


Hats are such a fun accessory! They just don’t look good on me! They’re the one accessory I don’t buy! However, we did do a previous blog post on hats, which you can read HERE. Therefore, I was very happy that some of my fashionable friends look great in hats and were willing to participate in today’s blog post!

Meet Lucy of lucybertoldi. “Here’s me in my favourite ‘hair’ accessory- hats! Hats can elevate any look, even if it’s just for fun, they make a statement!” You can read Lucy’s blog is titled Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva!

“My name is Lucy- I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have a passion for fashion, art, history…well, honestly- all beautiful things! As the ultimate fashionista, I wear way too many hats! To name a few:

I’m a mother, wife, artist, fashion teacher/ stylist and make-up artist. I read too much, sleep too little and am way too curious for my own good. But in a nutshell…I’m just a 50+ diva chasing a beautiful life.”

Lucy passion for fashion is evident at every turn. Lucy often talks about – dressing that feels good! YES! This totally resonates with me! I often say that outfits evoke strong emotion and passion for me! How cute is she in her hats?! I love to see how she upcycles articles of clothing!

Meet Michele of seechele_styles. You probably recognize Michele from Stylish Mondays. Michele is a fellow educator and works with kindergarten students! She’s passionate about thrifting and ecofriendly fashion. I’m always impressed by her finds and how chic her styling is!

Meet Gwen of Gwen Lives Well. Gwen has recently started participating in our Stylish Mondays so you’ve seen her on my blog posts. Gwen recently wrote on one of her IG posts, “My blog is for savvy women looking for recs on all things delicious, ideas on what to wear, and everything from my fave new – and older – products, to info on the latest anti-aging/wellness treatments available today. Mix in a little attitude & midlife musings, and that’s GwenLivesWell. I’m also having fun with Shopping with Gigi, my little online boutique I started when I became a Gigi – (my grandma name!).😉⁠

I keep hearing, find your niche, find your niche, but I’m interested in EVERYTHANGGG! I love it all, and I’m interested in it all. I’m also just me, not an expert on anything – a regular gal who knows what she likes and has fun sharing those likes and interests with other like-minded peeps.⁠

I totally connect with Gwen because I also like “EVERYTHANGGG!” Except cooking! You know I don’t cook and have no desire to learn! LOL

Retro Driving Scarves

Thelma and Louise would be proud to see this trend popping back up. Though the old-school gals used soft scarves to protect their hair while riding top-down on the highway, it looks like the fashion girlies have co-opted the look for purely sartorial purposes. Not sure how I feel about this trend. I’m sure some will look adorable in a scarf and others – not so much. I’m pretty sure I fall in the later group! If I had a red convertible and looked this chic wearing a driving scarf, I’d be happy to jump on this trend!

Of course I had to share this throwback picture…throw waaaaaaaay back! As you can see by the time stamp, this was taken in July of ’67. My birthday is July 4th and I received this bike for me 6th birthday! I recall my mom making me wear “head scarves” when it was cold and windy. The believe was that it protected you from getting an ear infection or a head cold. This was definitely not a fashion statement back in the day! This is the one and only picture of me to my knowledge wearing a scarf. Do you recall wearing scarves?

Look at all the Hair Accessories at Target

On a recent run through Target, I noticed there were four sections similar to these two of various hair accessory choices! The nice thing about hair accessories is that they don’t cost much so if you want to experiment it won’t cost a fortune!

Let’s Chat

Hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas for adding hair accessories or hats into your outfits! If I had longer hair, I’d be all over the XL clips and clip stacks! Sooooo cute! Did you have a favorite; or a hair accessory you love wearing? Leave us a comment! We love to hear from you!

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