Winter to Spring Transitional Outfits

I'm here to give inspiration to all of my ladies who are over 40 who might feel in a bit of a rut. And if you're under 40, you can get some inspiration as well! This style guide is all about transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring.

cute spring outfits, Cute spring outfits
Cute spring outfits

Spring green

When I think of spring, I think of bright spring green. Everything you see in this outfit was either thrifted or made by me, except for the blouse. The straw bag has an element of green in it which helps to make the skirt pop. This outfit is great for going walking in the daytime or having lunch with your friends. Pop on a light jacket for when it's a bit cooler.

cute spring outfits, Easy spring outfits
Easy spring outfits

Contrasting colors

Who doesn't love a good orange and blue outfit? Orange and blue are contrasting colors and add an extra pop to your style. The shirt and the shoes are thrifted - I love going to second-hand stores and discovering what amazing things I can find.

cute spring outfits, Wear orange pants
Wear orange pants

This is just a different twist on the same outfit. I wanted to show you that you can introduce another color into this outfit. You can put a similar color with it - I chose turquoise, which is closer to the blue. It gives this outfit another edge.

cute spring outfits, Winter to spring outfits
Winter to spring outfits

White blazer essentials

This is a flirty pleated navy blue skirt, paired with a hot pink and navy blue striped shirt and a white blazer. Everyone needs a white blazer in their outfit collection because it's so fresh, it screams spring, and it can go with anything!

cute spring outfits, Winter to spring outfit ideas
Winter to spring outfit ideas

Wonder Woman heels

Here we go with orange and blue again - I couldn't resist. The skirt is a bright blue, which is my favorite color. I paired it with an orange top that has lots of different shades of blue in it. The shoes are my Wonder Woman gold heels and blazer I thrifted from my teenage son's closet! This outfit screams sexy, but it's not over the top. You still look conservative, well put together, and polished. Orange and blue make me feel strong, like a leader, and in control.

cute spring outfits, Versatile spring outfits
Versatile spring outfits

Floral joggers

This outfit is so casual, cute, and fun. The joggers have a beautiful floral print detail in them that makes me happy. When I think of peach and coral, I think of beautiful smelling flowers. I've paired the joggers with a cashmere sweater and a faux leather jacket. The sweater is perfect for spring. It is short-sleeved, keeping you warm but without you sweating under the jacket.

cute spring outfits, Spring outfit ideas
Spring outfit ideas

Statement necklace

This next outfit is not casual at all - this is a stunner. It's a highlighter color sweater, and it is a turtleneck that will keep you so warm. The skirt was just a straight-down skirt when I bought it, but I wanted to add a slit to it to add some interest. The necklace is a statement necklace, and it really packs a punch.

cute spring outfits, Mom outfits
Mom outfits

Comic chic

This next outfit is my pride and joy because it reminds me of my two boys, and it reminds me of being a mom. I'm wearing a Spiderman comic shirt with mom jeans that I distressed on my own. The turquoise clutch brings out the turquoise in my earrings as well as in the shirt. I feel so edgy, but I also feel like a mum.

I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration for transitional outfits that you can wear as spring approaches. My advice is to go for contrasting colors, floral prints, statement necklaces, and don’t forget a white blazer! But really, just have fun and wear outfits that will make you happy - that’s what fashion is all about!


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