Jean Shorts... How to Wear Them With Confidence and Comfort!

  • Alyse Bonacci

Jean shorts... how to wear them with confidence and comfort!

Every since I have had my two babies I have had a difficult time feeling comfortable in my own skin. Short of wearing mumus, I usually wear things pretty loose fitting. One of the things I hate the most is jeans. They always felt tight, uncomfortable, and stiff.

As the trend of jean shorts began to come out I wished so badly that I could wear them confidently. I tried so many different jean shorts and just hated the way I looked in them. Seriously, the amount of times I bought and returned jean shorts was so ridiculous.

It wasn't until I returned probably my 20th pair of jean shorts that I realized I was so focused on the size I was buying that I wasn't even looking for a pair that FIT ME. Rather than buying jean shorts that actually fit I would obsess over the number inside of the jeans and I would not buy any jeans bigger than a number I mentally felt comfortable with. How silly is that? Who but me would even KNOW that number? Even as I lost weight after my first child, my body just wasn't going to be the same. (I mean I carried a child for 9 months for goodness sake!)

Once I finally moved on from my brain focusing on that size number and finally purchased a size that fit me, I realized that I really enjoyed wearing these shorts! First off, when the waist actually fits you that takes the comfort level up a whole bunch of notches. I realized that I could actually move (and breathe) in jean shorts when wearing my correct size. Styling the jeans to my liking is also something that really helped me to feel confident and comfortable in my brand new jean shorts. Here are 3 ways that I felt AMAZING in my jeans shorts.

Pair with a Kimono-

As stated above, I love wearing loose fitting clothing. It just helps me feel a little more comfortable and allows some distraction to my midsection. One of the most recent trends that I love is the kimono. It can be worn in the seasons where loose fitting clothing isn't as prevalent because of the warm weather. It looks beachy and tropical. It is just plain cute. My first style tip for my friends who might not be super comfy in jean shorts is to pair it with a cute kimono. For me this hid my back and sides and was long enough that it covered my bottom. I felt so comfortable and was not sweating in the heat of mid August when I wore this outfit. If you don't have a kimono, I highly suggest getting one IMMEDIATELY. It is a closet must have!

Don't shy away from drawstring denim-

Are they really jean shorts if they aren't snap our button? UH YES!!! These were my FAVORITE purchase by far! These cute shorts were not only loose fitting, but they were DRAW STRING! How awesome is that?! These looked good dressed down or dressed up. I wore these ALL summer long because they were so easy to throw on, but they were totally cute enough to wear out of the house! The picture that I took was when I decided to head to the playground with my littles. I threw on a comfy tee and some Birks and I was ready to head out!

Get some cute over-sized graphic tees-

I have so many graphic tees. Band tees, quote tees, really any sort of tee. I love them because they are comfortable and chic all at the same time. One way to feel really comfortable and look super trendy and cute is to pair your new jean shorts with a cute graphic tee. I personally buy mine a little large so they are more drapey but however you feel comfortable is up to you. This look can be perfect for a casual dinner out, a meet up with friends, really anything!

I am so happy that I was able to get over my fear of jean shorts because they have definitely become a staple in my wardrobe. If you want more style tips head over to my IG page- Chessiebaystyle to see my daily posts and how I maneuver through work and mom life!

Cheers to a summer of jean shorts!!!

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