Cold Shoulder

When it comes to styling trends don't give this one the cold shoulder. Shrugging your cardigan, sweater or jacket off your one shoulder gives such an element of high fashion while exuding confidence and a laid back cool girl vibe. Here are a few pointers on how to pull it off.

cold shoulder, The wide neck sweater
The wide neck sweater.

Find yourself a wide neck sweater.  Put a basic white tank top underneath.  The wider the neck of the sweater and the higher the neck of the tank the better. Shrug the shoulder of your sweater off to one side and voila. Instant cool girl.  Be careful of your undergarments because your bra strap is likely to make a guest appearance.

cold shoulder, The jacket
The jacket.

For a sporty, just finished an intense workout look leave your jacket partially slacked. This works great with leggings, tank and a light jacket or zip sweatshirt.

cold shoulder, The cardigan
The cardigan.

If you have a ruffle sleeve, like on this dress, this technique not only has added panache, but helps to avoid the bulk of the ruffle being stuffed under a tight fitting cardigan.  That's what you call a win win. Look for pieces in your wardrobe with interesting straps that are begging to be revealed.


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