Seven Outfits for Seven Days: Houndstooth Print Shirt

A houndstooth print shirt works for everything from business attire to casual chic to date night. In this seven outfits for seven days tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can make the most out of this adaptable piece.

how to wear houndstooth, How to wear houndstooth shirts
How to wear houndstooth shirts


Happy Monday, my beauties. I'm starting off with this minimalist, very simple look. I'm styling a houndstooth shirt with black culottes and black over-the-knee boots. I completed the look with gold-colored earrings with white pearls. I think that culottes look perfect with over-the-knee boots so that the pants lay over the boots. The fact that the hem of your culottes hides the top of the boots helps to elongate the legs. The pairing together of the shirt with the culottes is a great option for a smart and polished look.

how to wear houndstooth, Styling houndstooth clothing
Styling houndstooth clothing


This look is for business ladies and specifically those business ladies who love jumpsuits. This is a super simple look that is really easy to recreate - all you need is a black sleeveless jumpsuit, a houndstooth shirt, and black heels. If you want to transition this outfit from day to night, simply add red lipstick, unbutton your shirt a little bit, and pop on a gold necklace.

how to wear houndstooth, Style houndstooth
Style houndstooth


If you still think that black and white is too boring, then I've got this sunny yellow pop of color for you. I'm wearing white turned-up pants with a happy yellow sweater to brighten up your Wednesday. To complete the outfit, I added white heels. The black, white, and yellow color combination never fails, and this outfit definitely looks bold and put together.

how to wear houndstooth, How to style houndstooth
How to style houndstooth


This outfit is for those of you who love dresses and skirts. I'm wearing a brown midi dress underneath a houndstooth print shirt for a casual yet fashionable look. My shirt is pretty loose, which makes it easy to wear over a dress. I highlighted my waist with the ribbon belt that comes with this dress, and it makes the outfit complete. To show off my legs, I went for black strappy sandals.

how to wear houndstooth, Houndstooth clothing
Houndstooth clothing


Jeans for Friday? Yes please. You can always wear a houndstooth print with denim for a more casual look. In this outfit, I'm wearing blue high-waisted distressed jeans with a plain black t-shirt. I threw on my houndstooth print shirt over the t-shirt for a casual look, and in this case, it makes a great layering piece for this relaxed outfit.

how to wear houndstooth, Houndstooth pants
Houndstooth pants


Here I went for black culottes styled with a black lace crop top and over-the-knee boots. If it gets a little chilly, throw a houndstooth shirt over the top and accentuate your waist with a black belt with silver details. This is perfect for a night out.

how to wear houndstooth, Houndstooth skirt
Houndstooth skirt


Next up, this outfit is for ladies who love western style. You'll need a plain white t-shirt and black faux leather leggings. Layer your houndstooth shirt over the top and highlight the waist with a double buckle belt to get that western vibe. I added my western black and white cowboy boots with metal hardware which goes so well with the black and white houndstooth print. I think that this outfit looks perfect and balanced with gold dangle earrings, a layered gold necklace, and a charming black hat. This outfit is definitely not minimalist, but I had so much fun creating it.

Now you can see why I love my houndstooth print shirt so much. It makes a great layering piece, allowing you to either wear it regularly, or underneath something like a jumpsuit, or on top as a jacket. The fact that there are so many ways that you can style it means that you’ll never get bored of wearing it. 


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