DIY: Crop Top With Message

On Monday I showed you my DIY crop top on a look and today here you have the tutorial, step by step, to know how to do your own message crop top. I'm already thinking of new crop top designs for this summer; I'll show you if I finally decide on making them. The tutorial I am explaining to you today isn't difficult but it takes time, so you have to be very patient when doing it. Are you ready? Just follow the steps!

(For steps in Spanish, click here)

Fold the T-shirt vertically in a half and cut it straight as you like, depending how cropped you want it. Take into account that the border of the T-shirt curls a bit once it is cut.

In a thin card (I used a box of cereal) draw the message and cut it out to create the template. Stick the template to the T- shirt with the masking tape. Inside the top place another card or newspaper to protect the other side of the garment from the paint. Use the colour paint you like (I mixed some navy, brown and white), gently press the sponge over the template to paint the message. Leave it dry for about an hour and then remove the masking tape and template.

Iron the message to fix the paint to the fabric with the heat. And now, we arrive to the step where there's the need of patience: sewing all the eads to the border of the letters. Use double thread in order to secure the pieces to the fabric. Once all the borders are filled with beads, that's it: you've finished.

Do you like the result?  Here you have the look with it. Now it's time to wear it :) I hope you're having a nice week!

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