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I don't exactly know the proper name for this. When I googled it, it came up as "kiss lock wallet"(which is kind of cute), "metal clamp", and simply "coin wallet". So, I am going to use a coin wallet, as I feel that's the most universal name.

I bought the kits at the 100 yen shop in Japan (dollar store here in America). It came with the metal part, rope, and instructions with a traceable pattern. At some fabric stores, they sell the metal parts in the US too, but they don't come with instructions or a traceable pattern. In case you are wondering what to do with it, I will show you the steps and how I made my coin wallet. :)

{You will need}

  • Metal Part
  • Rope (optional, because they don't come with the metal around here)
  • outer and inner fabrics
  • thread
  • glue

{How to}

1. I traced the pattern and pinned the pattern onto the fabrics and added a 1 cm seam allowance. Cut the fabric. Do the same with the inner fabric too. When you just have the metal part, you can trace the inside line of the metal and extend the lines on both sides down, and make a pattern for it.

2. Right sides together, sew from sides and bottom for outer and inner fabrics.

3. Open the seam and press. Draw a line on the bottom corners (I did a 1" line) and sew to make a boxed bottom. Cut the excess.

4. Fold the top seam allowance and press with an iron. Put outer and inner fabrics wrong sides together. Then, slip stitch to sew them together.

5. With my kit, it told me to put glue on the rope, and put it in to the opening of the metal part with the fabric. Use a sharp tool to push it in.

6. Use long nose pliers to press the metal together, so the fabric will stay securely attached. It is best to use fabric to cover the metal when you press, so the metal won't get damaged.

7. Finished!

I used Amy Butler fabric and polka dot inside. If you change the length from the metal to the bottom, you can also make a pen case or eyeglass case as well. Wouldn't that be fun as a small gift?

I hope my mini-tutorial was helpful to give you some ideas of what to do.

Have fun creating everyone!

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