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One thing I adore about thrifting is finding something completely unique. However, being one of a kind, a good fit next to impossible. Whether you are brave enough to encounter the massive salvo forest, or just found some vintage hand-me-downs, making alterations and creating your own couture can be done in less than five minutes. When I found this floral pattern skirt it was in a bad relationship with a short sleeved yellow blazer. While the jacket could not be saved, the elastic waist and pleated nature of this little number made it an easy salvage.

You don’t necessarily need to sew the waist to commit to a good fit. Waist lines can easily be belted or pinned to create a more flattering fit. To avoid unwanted bunching and readjusting throughout the day, I decided that sewing was a quick enough fix for me and my floral midi.

What you need:
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine with stretch stitch
  • Matching Thread

Sizing your skirt

With an elastic waist, I always find the best fit by actually trying on the garment as opposed to going from your waist measurement. Because the skirt is pleated, it’s important to see how the pleats will fall on your body before you make the waist line permanent.


As stated above, after trying on your garment, pin the elastic onto itself to create a fold like so. I chose to make two pleats on the back. If you adjust the waist line in only one area, you’ll end up with a huge clump of fabric, making it noticeable that the garment was altered. As always pin and retry on your garment before sewing. While seam rippers are a magical side kick, skipping them altogether makes for a happier seamstress and a faster DIY.

Stretch stitch

Now we are ready to sew up our waist. This can also be done by hand if you do not have a sewing machine. As with most elastics, sewing with a stretch stitch (like #31 below) allows the garment more flexibility. The fabric is less likely to pull or rip with the stretching the occurs with normal wear.


Ta da! Festive and floral, midi skirts are one part vintage and one part modern, making them a must for spring.

Skirt (Thrifted) / Purse (Tory Burch) / Shoes (Gap – old) / Sweater (Zara) / Necklace ( Rocksbox – free month with code onecrafdiygirlxoxo)

And if you celebrate, I hope your Easter is filled with delicious peeps,


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