Glam 1940s Hairstyle Tutorial

6 Materials
25 Minutes

Today's hair tutorial is about putting a crown of curls on your head.

If you love vintage 1940s hairstyles and want to recreate them yourself, this is for you. It’s such a great look, and even better, it’s super easy to do.

Tools and materials:

  • Curling iron
  • Clips
  • Brush
  • Hairspray
  • Pomade
  • Bobby pins
Curling hair

1. Curl your hair

First, use whatever curl method you prefer to curl your hair.

I used a half-inch curling iron. While the curls were still hot, I separated my hair into a side part, curled the top of it over, and pinned it as elevated pin curls, which gave me more height on the curl.

The rest of the hair I rolled under and then pinned it rolling forward as flat pin curls.

Unpinning curls

2. Unpin the curls

Once everything has cooled down, remove the pins. Then run your fingers through your hair and shake up all the curls.

Proceed to brush through them as well. 

Backcombing hair

3. Backcomb hair

With the parting still at the corner of your forehead, start backcombing your hair from halfway through the hair to the roots.

You want most of that volume at the base of the hair. Then spray it with hairspray. 

Smoothing the hair

4. Smooth the hair

Take any type of brush that has a lot of dense bristles in it to smooth over the top of the backcombing.

Splitting hair

5. Split the front hair

Now split your hair in the front and then split that section in two.

Applying pomade

6. Apply pomade

Brush the front curl again, so it looks nice and smooth.

Then, to tame any frizziness, take a smidge of wax or pomade and run that over the hair, concentrating on the part line where you tend to get some flyaways.

Rolled curl

7. Roll the curl

Then we're going to let that curl, curl. You want to roll it up, then tuck it onto the base of the hair like a top roll and pin it.

Curling top

8. Curl the other top section

Take the other section of hair behind that and do the same thing.

Brush it through to make it look nice and smooth on the outside, apply a little bit of wax, and roll the curl up.

But, this time, wrap it around the front and place it next to the curl you just put in. Pin it right at the base.

As you can see, this second curl is slightly smaller than the first one. 

Curling side

9. Curl a side section

Section off another section of hair and repeat the process as before by brushing through the ends and smoothing it out.

Curl this piece of hair up, so take it around two fingers, wrap it, and then roll it up to the top.

Then you want it to join the curl you have at the top, so the two are touching. This time, instead of pinning at the base, pin up at the top.

Curling last section

10. Curl the last section

With the last section of hair, do the same thing.

Again, wrap it around two fingers and roll it up to the top to meet the previous curl.

Then, take a bobby pin and pin at the top up into the other curl.

Pulling curls out

11. Pull out the curls

Because we don’t want these curls to lay too flat, pull them out just a little to give them more volume.

Pinning hair

12. Pin back the other side

Section off a large section of hair on the other side of the parting and backcomb it. Then lightly brush the outside and the ends.

Bring the section of hair up and set it right behind the first big curl so that you will have a nice bit of volume on the side.

If you have very thick hair, be sure to use long straight pins for this or take two bobby pins and cross them to secure your hair.

Brining curls around

13. Bring the curls around

Smooth out the curly ends of that section of hair, let them curl around, and group them behind the curls right at the side.

If you have long hair, so you’re not left with just little ends, you can roll up those curls.

Brushing hair

14. Brush your hair

Give the rest of your hair a good brush. Break the curls up with your fingers, and give them a slight backcomb.

This will make them a little more voluminous and keep them in your hair longer. Finish off by applying some hairspray.

Voluminous curls

You can see we've got these nice voluminous curls in the back. 

1940s hairstyle

1940s hairstyle

And the beautiful rolled up curls at the front. That is our crown of pin curls hair tutorial, I hope you guys really enjoyed it. If so, leave a comment!

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Suggested materials:
  • Curling iron
  • Clips
  • Brush
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