2 BEAUTIFUL Scarf Hairstyles for Summer

Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira

Grab your favorite fashion scarves and check out these beautiful new ways to incorporate them into your hairstyle.

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Tools and materials:

  • Fashions scarves
  • Hair elastic
Adding scarf to hair

1. Wrap and hang

With your hair in a ponytail, tie your scarf around the top of your ponytail, with the knot underneath.

Adding scarf to hair

Now, wrap the scarf around your ponytail again.

Adding scarf to hair

Bring the ends of the scarf up to the front of your ponytail and knot it in the front this time.

Scarf hairstyle

Now you have wrapped your scarf about halfway down your ponytail.

Leave a long tail hanging.

Scarf with hair tie

2. Braid your scarf

Fold your scarf in half lengthwise, and pull the center of your scarf through a ponytail holder.

Scarf with hair tie

Pull the ends of your scarf through the ponytail holder.

Scarf with hair tie

Now, your scarf looks more like a necktie, with a ponytail holder handle.

Scarf with hair tie

Attach your scarf to your ponytail holder by pulling the ponytail through the handle, so that your scarf lays underneath your ponytail.

Braiding scarf into hair

Bring the tails of your scarf to your front.

Braiding scarf into hair

Bring your ponytail to the front as well, and make a simple braid with your ponytail and the two scarf tails as your three braid sections.

Braiding scarf into hair

When you get to the bottom of your ponytail, tie off the scarf, securing the end of your ponytail into the knot.

Scarf bun

You can leave it as a hanging braid, or you can up-do by rolling the braid into a bun.

Wearing scarf as a hairband

3. A hairband

With your hair loose, bring your scarf up from under your head, to the top of your head.

Wearing scarf as a hairband

Cross the ends over with a twist, and pass the scarf back under your hair.

Wearing scarf as a hairband

Bring the ends of your scarf up to the front again and tie a knot on top at the top of the back of your head, to create a scarf ponytail holder.

Scarf hairstyle

Get creative with the remaining tails of your scarf to fancy-up the ponytail holder.

Scarf hairstyle

Beautiful scarf hairstyles for summer

Now you have a hairband and ponytail holder all in one!

I hope you give these beautiful scarf hairstyles a try this summer, and let me know which style is your favorite, by leaving a comment.

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