Sophisticated 5-minute Makeup Tutorial

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5 Minutes

Today, I’d like to share with you my 5-minute makeup routine for those days when you just simply don’t have enough time.

The makeup I’m using is from the Look Fabulous Forever range, made specifically for mature skin. However, you can achieve the same results with any brand of makeup. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Foundation
  • Powder eyeshadow
  • Cream eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Blush 
  • Lip shine
Applying foundation

1. Apply foundation

The first thing I’m going to use is a foundation. All you need is two very small pumps of foundation and apply it to your face.

A lot of people like to apply foundation using the foundation brush. Personally, I like to put it on with my fingers first and then go over it with the foundation brush.

For me, this works best and gives a nice, smooth even surface. 

Applying foundation

Now I’m using the foundation brush and I’m gently brushing over the surface to get that smooth and even complexion.

Applying eyeshadow

2. Apply the lightest shade of eyeshadow

Next, I’m using eyeshadow in cool blue shades. First, I apply the lightest color on my eyelids. Make sure you put plenty on. 

Applying eyeshadow

3. Apply the middle shadow of eyeshadow

Next, I’m going to use the middle color, a cornflower blue, and apply it above the socket line with a windshield wiper movement.

Applying eyeshadow

4. Apply a cream eyeshadow

Just use your finger, dab a little cream eyeshadow towards the end of your eyebrows.

Applying eyeshadow

5. Blend your eyeshadow

Take an eyeshadow blending brush and gently brush over your lid to blend it in nicely without any harsh lines.

Applying mascara

6. Apply mascara

Apply black, waterproof mascara.

The one I’m using is really lovely on my sensitive eyes. It doesn’t clump or give you that horrible spidery effect some mascaras do.

Applying eyeliner

7. Apply eyeliner

For eyeliner, I’m using the darkest color in the eyeshadow trio and a wedge brush and applying it to my upper and lower lash lines.

It goes on so easily, and if you’re using midnight blue, it’s much kinder to older faces than using black. Although it doesn’t necessarily look blue when you put it on, it’s just softer. Black can sometimes look very harsh on an older face.

Applying blush

8. Apply blush 

Apply blush with your fingers at first. Don’t be frightened to use this, because once you use the brush, you can blend it in really easily.

Then, with a blush brush, gently sweep upwards and just slightly downwards because you don’t want to get a harsh line, or worse, a stripe. 

Applying lip shine

9. Apply lip shine

Finally, apply a lip shine. I’m using a romantic rose shade.

You can use it on top of other shades of lipstick, but it has such a good depth of color that you can use it on its own as well.

Completed 5-minute makeup

Completed 5-minute makeup

All done! Five minutes can make such a difference. Let me know what you think about this 5-minute morning makeup routine down below.

For those days when you have a bit more time, check out our post on an Easy 10-minute No-makeup Makeup Look.

Suggested materials:
  • Foundation
  • Powder eyeshadow
  • Cream eyeshadow
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    Dermabrasion once a month in the evening helps the skin heal. Shaving once a week helps maintain supple skin and allows the foundation to apply cleanly. I've been doing it for over 15 years. Japanese women have been doing this for over 400 years.