8 Uses for Vaporub You Never Thought Of

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In this video, In The Know shares 8 uses for Vaporub you never thought of! Learn some of the best Vaporub tips and tricks in this post.

1. Relieves headache pain

To relieve headache pain, In The Know recommends massaging the temples with Vaporub.

2. Eases earache

To ease earache, dab Vaporub onto some cotton wool and sit it in your ears. Make sure you don’t push the cotton wool into your ear canal!

3. Keeps your heels soft

Use Vaporub as a foot balm to keep your heels soft.

4. Banishes bruising

In The Know recommends using Vaporub as a remedy for bruising. Simply massage it into the affected area.


5. Moisturizes chapped lips

Pop some Vaporub onto your lips to help soften them.

6. Soothes sunburn

Sunburn can be soothed by applying Vaporub to the affected area!

7. Soothes sore and achy muscles

Are your muscles aching? Simply massage Vaporub into the affected areas.

8. Fights off toe fungus

If you’re dealing with mild toe fungus, try applying Vaporub to the problem area.

Uses for Vaporub you never thought of

And there are the 8 Vaporub hacks! How many of these are completely new to you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  • Kathi L Dwyer Kathi L Dwyer on Oct 31, 2023

    Nurses and care givers and police use it on their upper lip to keep foul smells (fecal, gangrene, rotting flesh) away from their noses. Truly works.

  • Anne Anne on Dec 18, 2023

    My mom used to put it in hot water and we would then breath in the Vapor’s when we had head colds…….helps to put a towel on the head and make a tent over the vapours.

    it really works…….I use it to this day. :-)