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Sewing a garden apron is a handmade project that you will use for years and years. With plenty of pockets and space for tools and seeds, this may be the most useful thing you will sew this year!

This apron would make a great gift! Mother’s Day perhaps?

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Also, I watched this video to help me with this apron. Mine is not exactly like hers, but the idea is very similar. If you are new to sewing, this video may be very helpful.

Where are my Tools?

Do you ever find yourself out in the garden and in need of a little shovel, or rake or maybe some twine and scissors. I know I do. Or how about when you are planting seeds and you set your packet down only to accidentally drench the packet while you water things.

Having a garden apron will help you to keep everything you need right where you need it…with you!

What Do You Need for Sewing a Garden Apron?

Fabric- I used a heavier weight duck fabric which is not quite as heavy as canvas, but is sturdy enough for a structured apron. You will need two yards in order to have a long enough strip for the tie. For the patterned pocket, a half of a yard will do. I always like to have extra on hand just in case I make a mistake…which I often do, so you may buy a full yard of that.

Scissors or a rotary cutter and cutting mat with a cutting guide.

A Sewing Machine

Coordinating Thread

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces

For the Apron itself, you will have two layers. For the pocket, you will also have two layers, an outside layer and the lining of the pocket. The lining will be 1″ taller than the outside. The pocket dimensions should also be 2″ longer than the apron. This will give you nice full pockets. For the tie, you will have one long strip that is folded.

Here are the cut dimensions.

Apron Body: Cut 2- 17″x 24″

Pocket: Cut 1- 10″ x 26″(this is the Outside of the pocket). For the pocket lining, cut 1- 11″ x 26″

Tie: Cut 3.5″ x 65″ ( This allows for a nice smallish bow). If you are larger around, or if you want a larger bow, cut this longer. Alternatively, you could add a buckle like one of these, so that you don’t have to tie it.

pockets are longer than the apron, and the lining is 1″ taller than the front

The print fabric came from Hobby Lobby, and the ticking was from Magnolia on Amazon. They don’t sell it anymore, it is a pretty green. However, Hobby Lobby also has some ticking. I found this ticking and it is by Magnolia, and similar to this one.

Step 2: Make Your Apron Pocket

Place right sides together and stitch along the top of your apron pocket, 1/2″ seam allowance.

Next place right sides down and press the seam up towards the lining of the pocket.

Fold and press the apron pocket so that about 1/2″ of the lining shows along the top of the pocket. This creates a nice border and gives some rigidity.

Stitch all along the outside of the pocket.

Next decide where you want your pocket slots. I did some smaller 3″ pockets along the sides and then two big pockets in the middle. I simply stitched straight down the center. Allow for some slack in the pockets.

After you have stitched the pockets. Fold the bit of slack and sew a little 2″ pleat up to hold them in place.

See the roomy pocket

Step 3: Assemble the Apron

I missed taking a picture of this step…and I made two aprons…sigh. Take the finished front of the apron and face it with the lining, right sides together.

This shows the back side of the apron, which you actually sewed to the front and then turned out.

Essentially what you are doing is sewing the second piece of fabric over the front of the apron. Then you are going to turn it right side out. I hope that makes sense. Just stitch along the two sides and the bottom. Leave the top open. 1/2″ seam allowance.

Then turn it right side out and push out the corners. It will be like one giant pocket.

Step 4: Attach and Finish the Apron Tie

Next, take the long strip and pin it with the middle directly in the center of the apron. Right sides facing each other. Sew along the top of the apron. Once attached, follow the steps below.

The apron body is two layers thick, and the pocket is also two layers thick.
Press the right sides together and stitch closed. Stop about 3″ from the apron
snip the inside
Turn it right side out
Looks like this
Next, press and then stitch
Folding it over and stitching it to the back of the apron.

You are Finished with Your Garden Apron

I hope that this was clear, please leave me a comment and ask any questions. I am happy to help!

The seed packets are in my shop

My Homestead/Garden Planner

This has a place to keep track of seed inventory, performance, and garden plans. Along with lots of other sheets for your homestead! You can get this in my shop!

Great Garden Tools

I bought two sets of these garden tools. They are so pretty and seem very sturdy. These garden scissors are just too neat and old-fashioned looking (although my son informed me they are bonzai scissors). The garden markers came from a local surplus store, but these are very similar.

Also, I use this sewing machine and I really like it!

I hope you found this sewing a garden apron tutorial helpful! You can make this beautiful garden apron for yourself! I hope you give it a try!

Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards fabric   (Hobby Lobby/Amazon)
  • Sewing machine   (Amazon)

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    This would make such a wonderful gift for some lucky person. Could easily be customized for men or children.

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      Barbara, your comment makes me think adult or kids light duty tool apron. Let the brainstorms begin! :)

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