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Belts, belts, belts! So many colors, so many sizes, so many textures and patterns! I love belts and I have several😁. I don’t use a belt in the traditional sense or for the original purpose of a belt (to keep your breaches from falling down), I use belts as an accessory or accent piece of my wardrobe. Sometimes, when I buy a belt it’s not quite the right size so I even have a belt hole puncher to fix that problem 😊 Ready?! Let’s do this!

This one of my favorite belts! It is a camel colored leather belt. Even though it did not come in my size, but because it was on sale I bought it. I even cut some of it off...can you believe how long it still is?! Well, I am going to show you, how I style this long belt!

In this style, all I did was tuck in the belt into top! That’s it! How simple was that! You could even put a piece of fashion tape on the end to help secure it! I have used fashion tape many times to secure even shorter belts to the side because they stick out sometimes!

In this style, I made a simple knot by feeding the end of the belt under and straight upwards then back down through itself...like knot. (I hope that makes sense 😁). This style is very secure with no fashion tape needed!

In this style, I went a little crazy and did a double knot! 😳 Make sure you pull the belt tight. Have fun with your belts!

Suggested materials:
  • Leather belt- on sale!   (Banana Republic)
  • Fashion tape   (Walmart)

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