Making a Personalized Kids Face Mask [iron On]

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Personalized kids face masks were the latest team gift I made for my daughter’s lacrosse team and they were a hit! Make these personalized face masks with a Cricut Maker or with your home printer and Iron On paper.

As team mom, I’ve tried to make gifts for the lacrosse players and have researched lots of lacrosse gift ideas. This one was one of the simplest inexpensive gifts I could think of, and I also love that it was personalized for the kids.

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Creating Custom Face Masks

The best part of the custom face masks was that they started with premade black masks and just required a few steps to personalize them.

I purchased the black face masks from Joann Fabrics. They were having a sale in store, and online. It was essentially a “buy one, get 3 free” deal. One mask cost about $4. When you buy one for $4, you get 3 free. This made the cost of each mask only about $1 a piece!

2 ways to make a personalized kids face mask

I used a Cricut Maker for my project, and I’ll detail those steps below. Alternatively, you can use a printer and Iron on Paper. I’ll touch on that after showing you how I make the personalized face mask iron on with the Cricut.

Personalized face mask for kids using the Cricut Maker
Wait, what’s a Cricut Maker?

Basically a Cricut machine is a cutting machine. You make designs in their DesignSpace program, and then send them to the Cricut (mine is a Cricut maker which basically looks like a printer). The machine cuts your design out of a variety of materials (fabric, iron on material, vinyl, thin metal, faux leather, and more). I’ll include links below to discounts on Cricut products if you want to find out more about that.

Personalizing face masks with the Cricut Maker

For the face masks I made for the girls lacrosse gifts, I used black face masks. To begin with, I used my Cricut Design Space program and typed in the girls’ names.

I set the program to print on Sport Flex Iron on Material. When you print on Iron On material for the Cricut Maker, remember to set the mirroring to ON.

Place the Sport Flex Iron On onto the mat (shiny side down) and then start the cut.

Once the Cricut machine cuts the sports flex material, you’ll weed out the excess material. You can use a weeding tool, or just use a straight pin to poke at, pull up, and remove the excess iron on material. You’ll be left with the names. Cut these out so that you have the names on individual strips.

Lay the name onto the mask. Then make sure the alignment is straight and position it where you want it on the mask.

I used my Cricut Easy Press to press the name onto the mask. There’s no published recommendation for SportFlex iron on for the mask material, so I played with various settings. The one that worked best was to press at 315 degrees for 30 seconds.

TIP: Don’t press the SportsFlex iron on material at a higher temperature because it’ll curl up and peel off. I actually messed up a few times and then I did press it at high heat because it allowed me to peel off the name I had messed up.

Once you press the name on properly, peel the transparent backing while the paper is still warm to hot. *Do not wait for it to cool*

When you peel the backing, be sure to do it by folding the backing close to the material so you don’t pull too hard against the letters because you don’t want to peel them off.

Here’s how the mask and lettering looks right after peeling off the backing. A cool personalized face mask.

As an added way of securing the letters to the mask, I then covered the letters with a towel.

Then I pressed it again, very briefly, just because it made me feel like I was really making sure to get those letters adhered to the personalized face mask.

The personalized kids face masks looked great, but I wanted to add something more. So I also created an additional decal.

So, here’s how the personalized girls lacrosse face masks turned out. I added the school logo for the girls and added a lacrosse stick iron on logo for the coach’s gift.

Interested in purchasing your own Cricut Maker?

If you like the Cricut Maker, then here are some links to discount codes I have for the machine and materials:

Shop sale items from Cricut!

Shop the Cricut EasyPress!

Personalized face mask for kids using Iron On Paper

Iron On Paper is simple and easy to use with your home printer and household iron.

For this process you’ll create the name in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Print it out on your inkjet printer.

For this type of iron on, I recommend using a white mask rather than a black one. The reason is that iron on transfers for light fabrics have a transparent layer whereas those for dark fabrics do not. This means that if you use the iron on for light fabric, you can print in black or another color and it’ll stand out against the mask. If you cut the name out of the iron on for the dark fabric, any white areas that you don’t cut out will still show.

Once you print the name onto the iron on paper, you’ll cut it out. Iron your mask on a hard surface to heat it it up a bit, then you’ll ask the iron on paper as per the instructions and iron it on.

It’s as easy as that!

Skip all this and Purchase a Personalized Face Mask

So, as much as I enjoyed making these masks, I know that not everyone has the time to do it. I did research and found there are great options for low prices over at this link from merchants on Etsy, so that’s another option.

Potential uses for these personalized face masks (they’re not just for kids face masks!)

Use this idea for:

Personalized teacher face masks

Team gifts for soccer players

Gifts for basketball teams

Personalized Football player gifts

Kids masks for school

and so on…

Iron on Ideas for the Personalized Kids Face Mask:

Don’t stop with just the name, here are other face mask iron on ideas which you may like as well:

For instance, consider monogrammed face masks. These can be elegant and swirly or, alternatively, just a simple mask with initials

Another option is to add sports logo iron ons

School logo (you can also make these with the Cricut Maker like I did in this project)

Girls Lacrosse Gifts

If you’d like more ideas for personalized lacrosse gifts, then check out the other ideas I used for this lacrosse season gifts for the team:

Lacrosse Headbands

Girls Lacrosse Hair ties

Personalized Lacrosse Water Bottles

Sports themed Scrunchies

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