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10 Minutes

In this tutorial, we will be making beautiful crystal headbands. In just a few easy steps you will have a gorgeous and elegant new hair accessory. These crystal headbands make the perfect gifts so why not make a few extras for your friends and family as well. Choose your crystal colors, shapes, and sizes, and let's begin!

Pink crystal headband

Tools and materials:

  • Glue
  • Thin metal headband 
  • Crystal beads 
DIY crystal headband

Apply glue 

For this headband, I have chosen to use red and clear crystal beads but feel free to use any colors you like! I started by adding a bit of glue to one end of the headband. 

Crystal wedding headband

Slide on the first crystal 

I then slid a clear crystal bead, onto the end, over the glue. 

Easy crystal headband

Add glue to the end 

To seal the headband and keep the crystal from sliding off, I added a bit more glue to the end of the headband. 

Add more clear crystals

Add more clear crystals 

I wanted to have 9 clear crystals at the start so I slid on 3 more and then before pushing them all the way to the end, I added some more glue, to the metal headband, so that the crystals would be secure and stay in place. Make sure not to add too much glue. I repeated this, 3 crystals at a time until I had all 9 clear crystals in place. 

White crystal headband

Add red crystals 

I repeated the same process with the red crystal beads until I had 19 on the headband. 

Add more red crystals

I then added another 19 red crystals, only this time, I slid them on facing the other way. 

Add the last clear beads

Finish off the headband 

All I had left to do was finish off the headband with another 9 clear crystal beads. I made sure to add a little glue to this end as well. I left the headband for at least 24 hours to dry. 

How to make a crystal headband

It is so easy to make these pretty, crystal headbands! I would love to know what crystal design you would choose for your headband! Let me know in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Glue
  • Thin metal headband
  • Crystal beads

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