Super Cute and Easy DIY Accessories for Fall

by Janel
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Hi everyone, welcome back! This week I will be showing you two quick and easy DIY accessories. The first is a corset belt DIY, perfect for Fall.

The second was a request from my mom, so how could I say no? They are both really cute and simple to make, so, let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Piece of faux suede
  • Belt with grommets
  • Suede cording
  • Piece of scrap fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
Making a DIY corset belt

DIY corset belt

I’ll begin with the DIY leather belt. I made this from a belt I found at the thrift store which had these grommets that I loved. I thought I could make a trendy corset belt from it. 

Cutting the faux suede fabric

1. Cut a piece of faux suede fabric

I found a piece of faux suede fabric in my stash at home and cut a thick piece of it long enough to almost fit around my waist.

Cutting belt

2. Measure and cut your belt

Measure your belt by the width of your faux suede fabric and cut two pieces.

Checking pieces match up

Double-check that the two pieces you cut match the width of your suede fabric. 

Sewing pieces together

3. Sew the pieces together

Sew each piece of the belt to the end of the imitation suede, positioning it so that the grommets are covered on one side and open on the other.

Lacing up the DIY belt

4. Lace up the belt

Take a long piece of suede cording and feed it through the grommets as if you were lacing a pair of shoes.

Completed DIY corset belt

This is what the belt looks like. I love it with this dress! 

I can see it going well with oversized shirts and maybe leggings, but I think it's perfect for fall and it was so easy and quick to make.

Fabric for DIY hair tie

DIY hair tie

1. Cut your fabric

Take a piece of fabric and cut it to 15 by 9 inches.

Folding fabric in half

2. Fold the fabric in half.

Sewing the edges

3. Sew the edges

Now all you need to do is sew two sides. One long side is already closed because of the fold.

Sewing cut edge

Sew along the cut edge of the second long side and one short side, leaving the second short side open.

Sewing second line

Now go back and sew a second line that runs along the inner perimeter of the three closed edges.

Enclosed space on DIY hair tie

By doing this, you will create an enclosed space through which the wire will be threaded. 

Flip the piece right side out.

Cutting the wire

4. Cut wire

Cut a long piece of wire, I used 20 gauge, but it would be better to go thicker.

Loop on end of wire

5. Thread the wire

Create a loop on both ends of the wire.

Twisting wire

Twist each end of the wire together after it is pulled through the narrow space you created.

Sewing open side

6. Sew the open side of the DIY accessory

Cover the wire with the fabric edges.

Edges sewed together

Using a sewing machine, sew the edges together.

Hole of DIY accessory marked up in chalk

7. Create a hole in the center of your DIY accessory

Sew a long, narrow, oval shape in the middle of your hair accessory. 

Cutting hole in DIY accessory

Cut straight through the inside of your stitched oval shape.

Stitching the cut closed

Using your sewing machine, zigzag stitch the cut closed to make sure you do not get any frayed edges.

How center of DIY accessory should look

The center of your hair accessory should look like this. This part will never be seen, so don't worry if it is a bit messy.

Adding DIY accessory to hair

How to use your DIY accessory

1. Grab your hair 

I did a half pony, but you can definitely do a full pony.

Adding DIY accessory to hair

2. Slip your hair through the hole in the center of your DIY accessory

Adding DIY accessory to hair

3. Slide it down the shaft of your hair, almost to the end.

Adding DIY accessory to hair

4. Start rolling It up toward your head.

Twist the hair piece downward and back up.

Adding DIY accessory to hair

When you start getting near your head it should tighten.

Adding DIY accessory to hair

5. Pull the two sides up toward each other

Adding DIY accessory to hair

6. Twist them at the top

Then bring each side down to the opposite side.

Adding DIY accessory to hair

You will end up with this really cute bow effect. 

DIY accessories

Those are my two DIY accessories, let me know which one was your favorite!

I love getting suggestions, so if there is a DIY you would like me to make, please comment down below. Bye for now! 

Suggested materials:
  • Piece of faux suede
  • Belt with grommets
  • Suede cording
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