DIY Headband [Step-by-Step Tutorial With Pictures]

by MaryMarthaMama

I am trying desperately this year to not buy very much new fabric and use up as much of my fabric stash as possible. When thinking about how to use up some cute scraps this week I decided to make some new headbands. Yes, I know I have a lot… but I use and love them all! So with that little defensive comment aside, I am sharing with you all my DIY headband tutorial!

DIY Headband Supplies:

  • scraps of fabric (you need 2 pieces measuring 3.5 X 14 inches)
  • elastic (I used 1 inch wide, you could use anything 1.5 inches wide or smaller)
  • a rotary cutting set (or a ruler and some scissors)
  • sewing machine, coordinating thread, sewing machine needles, pins

DIY Headband Tutorial

Step 1:

Wash, dry, and iron your fabric. The great thing about using scraps is you get to skip this step. Cut two pieces measuring 3.5 X 14 inches.

Step 2:

Fold the rectangle in half width-wise. Then lay down your quilt ruler (or regular ruler) so that you’re at the outside edge of the fabric on the fold side and then 1/2 inch from the edge on the open side. Cut along this line. Repeat the cutting part on the other side as well, so that the side opposite of the fold measures 2.5 inches.

Step 3:

When you unfold the piece of fabric it will look like the picture below.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2-3 for the second piece of fabric.

Step 5:

Take one of your fabric pieces and lay it down with the right side up. Then place the other piece on top of it so that the right side is down. The right sides should be together.

Step 6:

Pin the two pieces together. Sew along the two long sides but leave the short ends open. Sew 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 7:

Turn the tube right side out and press it flat. I like to use a pencil or pen with a cap on it to help me turn things like this right side out when it gets a little tight.

Step 8:

Take one of the outside edges and fold the ends inside the tube about 1/4 inch. Press it nice and flat to keep it folded in. Do the same for the other outside edge.

Step 9:

Cut an 8 inch piece of elastic. (Sidenote- if you have a bigger head like me maybe consider cutting it 8.5-9 inches)

Insert one end of the elastic about 1/4 inch into one end of your fabric tube. Pin the elastic into place then sew all the way across the bottom of the fabric, sewing close to the edge, about 1/8 inch from the edge. Insert the other end of the elastic into the other tube and repeat the process for sewing it into place.

Step 10:

Topstitch all the way around the fabric part of the headband, sewing about 1/8- 1/4 inch from the edge. Sew over the area where the elastic is again in order to reinforce it a little.

And that’s it! Now go use up some of those scraps you have leftover from other projects. If you make one let me know how it went in the comments below!

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  • Debra Debra on Apr 23, 2021

    Sew cute! 😍

  • Bette Bette on Apr 25, 2021

    Good idea. I always keep extra fabric , right now with all the covid masks having to be worn I order blouses that are extra long which I hate because you end up sitting on blouse and it’s all wrinkly, so I cut the bottom of extra material off and make matching masks. Get so many compliments even from men that usually don’t care about fashion as much as women do.

    • Lori Christopherson Lori Christopherson on Apr 25, 2021

      What a great idea. I like to cut the longer back edge off and make the blouse so I don't have to tuck it in. Great idea for a mask.