How to Create Some Unique Hair Clips From Recycled Beads

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I like to recycle and reuse stuff that may ordinarily get thrown into landfill and beads often can be made into so many new items of jewellery that are fresh and updated. So when I got given a whole load of broken necklaces and beads plus a few I ‘ve collected lots from charity shops over the years I began to design some new creations. You can use whatever you have to hand .

Old beads

I use a hair clip blank which is one of those spring tight bendy sort with a little blank circular well to fit your own design piece in. There are so many possibilities and you don’t have to match up a pair of beads however I found two gold beads the same which I think will sit well.

Blank hair clips

I mix two part epoxy resin glue which has a hardener in it that will dry hard within minutes.

Epoxy resin glue mix

Choose beads which sit well into the space and for these I needed some quite big ones. I glue the gold beads into place and hold for a few minutes to secure.

Its quite messy stuff so need to make sure you direct it to where you need the contact and clean hands immediately so no skin sticking together!

DIY Bead hair clips

I am so thrilled with how simple but unique and effective they are.

Bead hair clip
Suggested materials:
  • Blank hair clips   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Beads   (Charity shops)

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