How to Create Unique Vintage Ceramic Hair Grip

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
1 Hour

I am always looking for ways to recycle and support both environment and save money in my pocket ! These broken pieces of crockery surely going to transform into some super hair decorations.

Broken china

I choose some green vintage pieces and use wheeled tile nippers to cut and shape ceramic into rounded even size. Always use goggles to protect eyes from flying china .

Wheeled tile nippers

The edges of each piece need smoothing so I use a mini rotary hand sander. It uses a carbide grind stone and you can adjust speed to do the edges easily. It takes just a few minutes.


Once they are the right size for fitting into the hair grip bezel I begin to mix epoxy resin glue to secure them.

Mix epoxy resin glue

A pea size blob of resin and hardener and smooth onto the bezel base and the ceramic pieces.

Glue into bezel

To make the ceramic easier to stick it’s best to rough up the back surface also with the sander as it makes the glue contact firmer .

Glue ceramic

Place ceramic rounds centrally into the hair slide bezels and leave to dry firm for about an hour.

I really love these little lovelies as they are so unique, quirky and wearable.

Ceramic hair grips
Ceramic Hair grips
Suggested materials:
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Mini rotary sander   (Amazon)

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