How to Make Colourful Barrette Hair Clip From Mosaic Tiles

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
20 Minutes

I am always looking for new things to mosaic and get colourfully creative with so when I saw these lovely sturdy Blank barrette clips for hair On line, I decided to experiment and have a go at designing my own!

Blank barrette clip
Mix resin and hardener

I chose my Little perfect size glitter sparkle mosaic tiles to glue to the hair slide blank.

these are easily available online to purchase and lots of options to make it your own style.

The glue I recommend is a two part epoxy resin which you mix in small equal parts. I use a coin to mix on and a piece of old china . It is super glue so be careful not to stick your fingers!

Mix glue
Fix tiles

I balance the hair clip into a scrunched up tea cloth to support it while the tiles are placed and drying so they do not slide off.

Once the resin and hardener are mixed I spread over the clip coating it evenly ready to place tiles on top.

Glue clip
Arrange tiles

The fun but is arranging the tiles in colours and making sure they are right up close together with no gaps. I decide to go nearly up to edges and check they are positioned straight before allowing them to dry.

Glue tiles

Leave to dry for ten mins or so Checking back to see if all still in position before harden. Then when dry give a little clean up.

Glue tiles on clip

.Hey presto! This gorgeous handmade little sparkle hair accessory is sure to brighten up any hairstyle or outfit!

Mosaic sparkle barrette clip
Mosaic sparkle barrette hair clip
Sparkle slide
Suggested materials:
  • Mosaic sparkle tiles 10mm   (Amazon)
  • Barrette hair clip blank   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)

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Susan Goode
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