Turn a Dollar Tree Headband & a Thrifted Tie Into THIS! 😍

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw

It doesn’t take much to make this ridiculously easy and cute DIY headband. Grab an old tie and follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to make one for yourself.

Tools and materials:

  • Headband
  • Tie
  • Hot glue gun

1. Put a dot of hot glue on the headband

Put a dot of hot glue at the top, center of your headband.

Adding glue to the headband

Press the center of the tie on the glue.

Adding the tie to the headband

2. Add glue gradually

Add hot glue sparingly on the headband, gradually working your way down the sides and pressing the tie in place.

Adding the tie to the headband

Allow the glue to dry completely before trying it on.

Adding the tie to the headband

Wear your headband with the ends of the tie sitting under your hair.

Tying tie ends

Here’s the final look for this super cute DIY headband:

Cute DIY headband

Cute DIY headband

Let me know in the comments if you’ll try out this easy DIY headband. You might also love this summer dress hack that’s amazing and so useful!

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