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1 Accessory You Need for the Houston Rodeo!
February 28, 2023

Hey babes! Welcome back to another blog post. I am super excited about this post because TODAY marks the official day that the Houston Rodeo begins. All the live music, delicious food, fun livestock shows, and amazing carnival makes it all so exciting! Now, before you decide to visit the rodeo, there is 1 accessory you need for the Houston Rodeo. Today on the blog, we will discuss that accessory and how you can style it to elevate your look. Can you guess what it is?!

You Guessed it... A Cowboy Hat!

The 1 accessory you need for the Houston Rodeo is a cowboy hat. A cowboy hat is symbolic to the Texas culture because it symbolizes ruggedness, hard work, and is a fashion statement. Here at Morgan B. Styles, we do not have cowboy hats, but we have our beautiful Gold Chain Fedoras that are just as perfect. Here are a few of the gold chain fedoras in different color ways, and how you can style them for the Houston Rodeo.

1. Gold Chain Fedora- Olive Green
olive green gold chain fedora hat

The first color accessory you need for the Houston Rodeo is the olive-green gold chain fedora. This color is perfect for this time of year because St. Patrick's Day is around the corner and this color can put you in the St. Patrick's Day mood.

I paired the olive green fedora with a statement plaid shirt that paired well with denim shorts, and denim cowboy boots. Plaid is a staple pattern for the rodeo. How cute is this look! I love how the denim matched perfectly with the green. Another great color combo with olive green could be brown, burnt orange, white, and of course black!

2. Gold Chain Fedora- Black
Black gold chain fedora hat

The second color accessory you need for the Houston Rodeo is the black gold chain fedora hat. This color is a must have because black goes with EVERYTHING! When you are unsure of what color to wear... black is always a go to!

Morgan B. Styles is standing in a dirt road wearing black gold chain fedora hat, black top, black ripped shorts, white vest, and white cowboy boots

With this look I went very minimalist and wanted the white in the vest and cowboy boots to stand out. When wearing bright colors or patterns it draws the attention to where you want to be noticed. Wearing the white vest would draw the attention upwards so that people can also notice my hat. If I just wore the white boots, attention would be drawn downward. Pair the black gold chain fedora hat with any color(s) of your choice and use the hat for a statement piece to elevate your look.

3. Gold Chain Fedora- White
morgan b. wearing white gold chain fedora hat with graphic selena t-shirt, and nude overflow bell pants

The third and final color accessory you need for the Houston Rodeo is the White Gold Chain Fedora. This color is more classic than the color black, in my opinion, and is so pure. You have to be careful wearing this color going to these places due to so many people and so much dirt. But if you are willing to take the risk... go for it!

I decided to pair this look with the overflow wide legs pants in nude and a classic Selena graphic tee. Selena had her last performance at the Houston Rodeo February 26,1995 before she was killed a month later. Pairing this graphic tee with the white gold chain fedora hat seemed right. I loved this look also because it could also be worn to Coachella. It gives off a great boho chic look. Just like the black fedora, you can pair the white fedora with any color of your choice as well. Use the hat for a statement piece to elevate your look.

If you are ever in Houston or decide to visit, then the rodeo is DEFINITELY something you should attend which comes year-round in February and ends around Spring Break in March. Let me know in the comments which look(s) were your favorite, and if you would style the look the same or change it up! Can't wait to hear your responses!

Also, If you are in the Houston area and are interested in purchasing these items mentioned in this blog post and would like to try on before purchasing, schedule a 15-minute consultation with me for a private in-house fitting! We will discuss the item(s) you are interested in, discuss your goals for the item(s), and set up a time and place to try-on the items before purchasing. Cannot wait to help you elevate your style to the next level! Until next time... Happy Styling Babe!

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