Faux Oil Cloth Wide Brim Denim Hat From Men's Jeans

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Do you love recycling old denim jeans? Well I do. They are made from such sturdy and wonderful fabric and there are so many great ideas out there for how to reuse them and my husband seems to wear through his pretty quickly.

Anyway here is my idea. This is a project that I made several years ago but it is still my best denim recycle.

Make and adjust hat pattern.

The first step was to choose a hat pattern. I didn't have one so I made my own. You can find the pattern tutorial here.

Lay out pieces and cut out

In this photo you can see how the pieces were laid out on the pair of jeans. The wide brim piece needed to be cut into three parts in order to fit on the jeans.

Tip if you need to cut up your pattern pieces to fit don't forget to add seam allowances to sew the pieces back together.

Sew brim pieces together.

Once the brim pieces were seen together they looked like this. The brim is cut out twice to make two layers for the top and bottom side of the brim.

Adding the faux oil cloth finish

I like to experiment with things I haven't tried before so here is where the project gets a little weird. 🙃

I decided to try to add a faux oil cloth finish using up some old candles that I had. Somewhat to my surprise it actually worked and became a nice water resistant finish. It also worked as a fabric stiffener so no interfacing was required.

Wax application

To apply the wax I dripped on the wax and then used my iron and some parchment paper to smooth out the finish.

Smoothing the wax

Since the denim is a heavier fabric it holds a lot of the wax. I continued adding wax and smoothing the finish with my iron until all of the pieces were covered with an even finish.

Sewing the brim

The brim pieces are sewn together around the outside edge with the right side together. Once the outside edge is sewn the pieces is turned right side out and pressed flat. I added rings of top stitching about one half inch apart to the brim.

Sewing the top

The band is sewn together along the back seam and then the top of the hat is attached to the band.

Once the top is turned right side out and pressed it is ready to be attached to the brim.

The finished hat

I was pretty happy with the final result so I made a slightly different version from a pair of the hubby's old khakis.😊

Pattern Tutorial

Once again here is the video to make your own pattern if you are interested.

Suggested materials:
  • Men's jeans   (Recycled)
  • Cancel wax   (Recycled)
  • Iron   (Target)
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