How to Make a Baseball Cap Out of an Old Pair of Denim Jeans

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A denim baseball cap is a timeless accessory. This tutorial shows you how to make a baseball cap from old denim jeans. I’ll give you the sewing pattern and sewing instructions, so let’s get started on your DIY baseball cap!

Tools and materials:

  • Old jeans
  • Baseball cap
  • Interfacing
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Buttonhole foot
Tracing the pattern from a baseball cap

1. Make your pattern

To make the pattern, copy an existing baseball cap you already own. Position your interfacing fabric over the front of your baseball cap and pin it in place. Trace out one triangle of the cap onto the fabric.

Marking the center of the cap brim

Mark the center of your cap brim at the front and back of the brim and trace the outer edge of the brim onto your interfacing fabric.

Cutting out the pattern

Mark the center of the brim on your tracing and then roughly cut out the brim tracing from the rest of the fabric.

Tracing the brim of the cap

Lay the interfacing on top of the underside of your brim, lining up the edges. Mark the inside edge of the brim from the center line to one side edge

Make sure you do not include the cap band as part of the brim.

Folding the brim pattern to make it symmetrical

Fold the interfacing so the brim pattern is symmetrically folded and draw out the inner brim line. 

Cutting the brim shape out of interfacing

Cut the brim from the interfacing.

Folding and cutting the triangle shape

Fold and cut the triangle tracing as well.

Tracing the cap openings

Lay your triangular interfacing on top of the cap triangle adjacent to the back opening and trace out the cap opening line on your interfacing.

Denim baseball cap sewing pattern

2. Cut all pieces

Cut open the side seams of your jeans so you have a large piece of denim to work with.

Using your interfacing pieces as a pattern, trace two cap brims on your denim, adding 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) all the way around for seam allowance.

How you lay out your pieces is totally up to you.

How to make a baseball cap out of jeans

Trace and cut a total of six triangle interfacing and six denim pieces, adding a 1-centimeter (0.4 inch) allowance all the way around.

Placing interfacing on a denim piece

Place a triangle interfacing piece on the back of one denim triangle and mark the back cap opening on the fabric.

Make your own baseball cap

Then draw in another opening line 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) closer to the inner corner.

Cutting the opening

With right sides facing, place that triangle on top of another triangle, and cut the inner opening line from both layers.

Makin a DIY baseball cap

Fold your leftover denim with the right side facing in and trace the outline of the cap opening.

DIY baseball cap facing

Add a parallel curved line 2½ centimeters (0.98 inches) farther from the edge than the first line and cut out the cap opening facing.

Cutting out the snap and band

Cut the snap and band out of your jeans for later use.

Cutting strips of denim for the facing

Cut two strips of denim, one measuring 58 x 5 centimeters (22.8 x 2 inches) and the other measuring 18 x 7 centimeters (7 x 2.75 inches).

Ironing the interfacing

3. Iron the interfacing

Cut interfacing pieces for the two rectangular strips and curved opening facing, as shown above. The only piece that doesn’t need interfacing is the decorative snap.

Place the interfacing on the back of their respective denim pieces and iron down all the interfacing.

Sewing around the pieces with a zigzag stitch

Sew a reinforcing zigzag stitch around the edges of all of your triangle pieces. Note that you may need a heavy-duty needle for this, as denim is a very thick fabric.

Assembling the DIY baseball cap

4. Sew the denim cap

With the right sides together, pair up the triangles to make 3 double-layered triangles and sew each double triangle together around the edges of the interfacing.

Topstitching along the sides of the seams

Open the seams flat and topstitch along both sides of the seams.

Sewing the facing

Place the two opening facing pieces together with right sides in and sew the short edge at the top of the curve.

Attaching the facing to the back of the cap

With right sides facing, pin the opening facing to the triangle with the opening. Sew them together along the inner edge.

Snipping into the seam allowance

Snip into the seam allowance of the opening and then turn the facing to the back of the triangle.

Topstitching the inner edge

Topstitch the facing in place near the inner edge.

Pinning the triangle pieces, ready to sew

With right sides together, pin all three triangles into a cap and sew the three seams.

Topstitching the baseball cap seams

Turn the cap right side out, open the seams flat and topstitch on both sides of each seam.

Sewing the brim of the baseball cap

5. Sew the brim

With the right sides facing, sew the brim pieces together along the outside edge.

Snipping the seam allowance

Snip the seam allowance, open the seam, turn the brim right side out and topstitch two rows on the outer edge, as shown above.

Attaching the cap to the brim

6. Attach the cap to the brim

Pin and sew the brim to the front of the cap.

Sewing the facing onto the cap

7. Sew the facing

Fold and sew the long rectangle, as shown in the video from 8:19 to 8:57.

Then, with the right sides facing, pin and sew the rectangle around the bottom of the cap, starting and ending about a ½ inch from the opening. 

Turning the facing into the cap

Fold and pin it to the inside, trim off excess fabric from the end and top stitch it down.

Sewing the back strap and closure

8. Sew the back strap & closure

Attach the smaller rectangle across the bottom of the cap opening and add the snap, buttonholes, and top button as shown in the video from 10:26 to 12:54.

How to make a baseball cap

How to make a baseball cap

I bet you wear this DIY baseball cap all summer! It’s stylish, comfortable, and protects your face from sun damage. Enjoy making yours and let me know in the comments how it turned out!

Suggested materials:
  • Old jeans
  • Baseball cap
  • Interfacing
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