3 Cute & Preppy Valentines Day Outfits For Different Types of Dates

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

Today, I’ve put together a trio of stylish and preppy Valentine’s Day outfits to help give you some ideas for what to wear this February.

Each of the three cute Valentine’s Day outfits caters to a different setting. So, whatever type of date you’ll be going on with your loved one or loved ones, there is some style inspiration here for you.

Cute and preppy Valentine’s Day outfit

1. Baking at home

First up, I kept it nice and simple with a red t-shirt, a grid-patterned skirt, and a string of pearls around my neck.

I love how straightforward this outfit is and how much of an impact you can make with only two colors.

The red and white colors of the skirt tie in perfectly with the t-shirt and necklace to create a harmonious look.

It also goes without saying that red is the color of Valentine’s Day, which is why I wanted to make it the focal point of my outfit. To me, red represents passion, romance, and love. 

At-home preppy Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

The skirt is a mini-skirt that has a cute, feminine flair, and it is also high-waisted, which cinches me in and looks flattering. 

This outfit would be great to wear if you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day at home showing off your baking talents or going out to a cafe for a bite to eat. 

Preppy pink, red & white Valentine’s outfit

2. Stroll in the park

This next outfit is an outdoor one, perfect to wear on a romantic stroll in the park with your loved one.

I kept the colors soft and gentle with white jeans, a powder pink turtleneck, and a long coat in a similar shade.

The red rainboots are slightly bolder yet still feel very appropriate in this look; I matched them with a stroke of red lipstick. 

Preppy winter Valentine’s Day outfit

3. Dinner & drinks

The last outfit takes its inspiration from a men’s tuxedo. Here, I’m wearing a little black dress with a white blouse underneath.

For footwear, I’m wearing a pair of red heels with a strap across the front. As I’ve said, red is the perfect color for Valentine’s Day, and it also adds a pop of color to the black and white outfit.

Preppy Valentine’s Day dinner outfit

The two sparkly black ribbons across the front remind me of bow ties, which in a way mimic that tuxedo style. A little black dress is such a classic piece, and I adore this one that I’m wearing.

As you can see from the cocktail in my hand, I think this outfit would be perfect for going to a cocktail bar or a fancy dinner in a restaurant, or better yet, a fancy dinner in a restaurant followed by a cocktail bar! 

This outfit is suave, sophisticated, and everything I want in a more formal look.

Preppy Valentine’s Day outfits

I hope you like those three preppy Valentine’s Day outfits that I put together.

Whether you and your loved one will be getting dressed up for an evening out, spending time outdoors, or keeping it relaxed at a cafe, I hope you can pick up inspiration from my Valentine’s Day outfit ideas.

Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be doing this Valentine’s Day and what you’ll be wearing!

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