DIY Infinity Scarf in Just Minutes

2 Materials
10 Minutes

Scarfs are great accessories, they’re stylish, warm, and comfortable, what more do they need? If you ask me, they need to go to infinity and beyond! Well ok, just infinity is enough, no need to go beyond it.

This infinity scarf project is fun and easy, plus it requires little time to finish. It’s a sewing treat!

You can wear it in the autumn, winter, or even early spring! Not to mention that it goes well with all kinds of outfit combinations. It’s a must-have fashion accessory, and here’s how you can make it.

Form the scarf

Take a piece of fabric measuring 2 yards x 22 inches and fold it in half so that the long edges align and the right sides are facing inward. Sew the long raw edges together.

Turn the scarf halfway through and match the short raw edges. Match the seams as well.

Sew the scarf

Sew around the inner short raw edges, leaving a small gap for turning. Be careful not to sew the whole tube shut.

Finish the infinity scarf

Turn the scarf inside out through the gap you left unstitched.

Sew the opening shut.

The infinity scarf is finished!

Here's a step by step video tutorial how to make it.

icon Full written tutorial here: how to sew an infinity scarf

I really hope you liked my easy tutorial. Please drop by in the comments below and let me know whether you need one in your closet

Suggested materials:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Thread

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