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Time to clean out your fabric closet? For this project, I used a bunch of different scrap fabric that I had to make a beautiful XXL patchwork scarf that can be worn year-round. Follow this tutorial for exact instructions on how to sew your own patchwork scarf that will add that extra touch to any outfit you wear.

Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials: 

  • Different fabrics
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary blade
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
Prep your fabric for XL DIY scarf

Cut down your fabrics

For this project, I decided to use three different lengths for my fabrics. I had larger blocks of 60 cm in length as wide as possible, 48 cm length as wide as possible, and 12 cm length as wide as possible. You can play around with the sizes though, it’s totally customizable!

Sew together your DIY patchwork scarf

Sew together your pieces

Because I was using scrap fabrics that I had, I also had a lot of smaller pieces. So I created longer pieces out of those by sewing the ends together on the short sides. Don’t forget to backstitch in the beginning and ending of the seam as well as pressing all seams open after sewing. 

Put together your smaller and larger pieces

Step: Put together the different sizes

Lay the longer pieces, that are made up of the small pieces, onto the medium-sized pieces (60 cm), and cut off the ends so that they’re the same height. Then sew them together so that you essentially have one 60 cm piece with patches. 

Sew your DIY patchwork scarf

Sew your scarf together

Now it’s the fun part! Decide on the order you want and sew together all the 60 cm pieces.

Fold your scarf

Fold over your scarf

Fold the scarf onto itself from the middle then sew along the three open sides. When you reach the end, leave a big opening of about 20 cm. 

Trim your patchwork scarf

Trim your edges

Trim the corners off the edges. This will make the scarf look neater when you flip it. 

Finish up your DIY patchwork scarf

Flip your scarf

Insert your hand through the opening you left and flip the whole thing so that the stitches are now on the inside. Then sew the opening closed by hand, and your scarf is complete.

Completed DIY patchwork scarf

DIY patchwork scarf worn like a cape

XL scarf worn around neck

DIY hoodie scarf

I loved making this project! I got to use up a bunch of spare fabric that I had lying around and now have such an awesome, versatile scarf that I can wear in so many ways and with so many different outfits. I’ve worn it as a cape scarf, around my neck, and even as a hoodie scarf. My favorite part about this is that you can completely customize it however you like, with whatever fabrics you want and in all sorts of sizes. So definitely show me in the comments how you choose to make your scarf! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary blade
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