Genius Hack Adds Sleeves to Any Sleeveless Clothing

Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira

Are you preparing for that winter blast? Or is it just a cold winter in general? This hack I am going to share is great for transitioning a summer tank or strappy dress into a nice long sleeve piece.

You'll need a scarf!

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I am using a wide scarf so I will begin folding it a few times to give it a thinner look.

Fold one more time then slide it through your shirt's straps.

I am first wrapping the scarf around my neck then sliding it under the straps.

Once it is under the straps on both sides of your shirt you can spread out on of the sides to be wider.

Like this

Now tie the two ends on this side of the scarf together into a small knot.

Like this and slide your arm through it then repeat on the other side.

Hide the scarf into your shirt by tucking it in

Play with your your scarf at top I'm giving myself a cute collar look.

Here's the finished look!

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