The Button Down Shirt Pairs PERFECT With a Silk Scarf

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by Kristina Kacheeva
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Hey guys! I can’t wait to show you this amazing scarf hack. I love finding ways to use regular clothes and create fun and interesting looks.

This hack is great for taking a simple button down shirt and making it look like a unique fashion statement.

Tools and materials:

  • Button down shirt
  • Big scarf
Wrapping scarf

1. Wrap your scarf

Start with a white button down shirt, leaving just one button closed. I closed the third button from the top.

Take a nice big silk scarf and wrap it around your shoulder from the back holding one corner on each side of your neck.

Buttoning the scarf into the shirt

2. Button scarf into shirt

 Choose the side you want to accent with the scarf and pull the scarf towards the front of that side, buttoning along the edge of the scarf into the shirt.


Tucking scarf

3. Tuck and style

Tuck the corner of the scarf opposite the side of the shirt the scarf is covering and tuck the corner into the shirt at the neck line.

Tucking the shirt

Tuck the shirt and the rest of the scarf into your pants to polish off the look.

Easy scarf hack

How great is this hack? You can make your button-down shirt look fabulous with this fantastic hack. It looks like something you would find in a designer store.

Did you have any luck using this trick? Do you have any great hacks for making an ordinary article of clothing look fabulous and interesting?

Let me know in the comments.

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Suggested materials:
  • Button down shirt
  • Big scarf

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