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Don't worry, I won't be telling you to go out and buy 20 luxury designer handbags because they'll elevate all your high street looks! These budget-friendly tips are for people who want to look expensive without actually buying expensive things. Some of these tips will involve spending money but for many you can use what you already own and some of it is just mindset.

Sunglasses are an easy way to instantly make your outfit look more expensive. They also mean you can do minimal makeup, saving you time in the morning but also giving you an effortless, I-woke-up-like-this look which also looks very chic and expensive.

I would also recommend keeping the majority of the items in your wardrobe neutral, so that you always look coordinated. Also, if you buy cheaper items in black, it looks much more expensive than other colours since it's harder to see the seams and any loose threads.

Bold colours can definitely look expensive too! My personal preference is to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit but if you want a more head-to-toe colourful look, check out Pinterest for inspiration. I think pairing bright colours with white really helps them to stand out.

Green, especially dark green, and gold is my favourite colour combination since I think it looks especially luxe.

Playing with textures and pairing heavier knits with more lightweight skirts made of materials like silk is a good way to add interest to and elevate your look. I love this vibe as it reminds me of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, which is such an "old money" style!

Outfit planning is also really important when it comes to looking more chic, put-together and expensive. I love to use Pinterest for this. I make boards for certain events or seasons and add lots of pictures that intrigue me, then declutter them to work out the general vibe and colour palette I want to focus on for that time period. I can then go to my wardrobe and see if I already own outfits that will work for that aesthetic, and if I want to, I might also make a list of new items to pick up which will work for the whole season.

Here's an outfit I created using that process - I was going on a Cornwall staycation and I determined using Pinterest that I wanted body-skimming styles and a colour palette of creams and sage green. When I went to my wardrobe, I picked out this yellow dress from Warehouse which I bought from Vinted. It has sage green in the pattern so works well with green accessories, so I added it to my beach holiday wardrobe and found a new favourite outfit.

I also love to head out to luxury shops such as Harrods or spend a day at Bicester Village Designer Outlet and get inspiration from the big brands. I might make a mental note of any items I fall in love with that I feel are worth saving up for but mostly I use these trips to help me find expensive-looking outfits from retailers such as ASOS and Shein. I discovered this chic summer outfit this way, getting inspiration from the bold oranges I saw at Bicester Village. I used a skirt, top and sunglasses I already owned and bought orange accessories from ASOS: a Paul Costelloe bag which reminds me of the much pricier Hermes Evelyne bag in style and a pair of 00s-inspired Topshop wedges.

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