Flat Iron Hack: Super Easy At-home Faux Blowout

Ariba Pervaiz
by Ariba Pervaiz
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Hey guys. I'm going to show you how to create an at-home blowout without a blow-dryer.

We’re going to achieve this look using a flatiron and a round brush. With just a few simple tricks you can achieve a fabulous, professional looking blowout without setting foot in a hair salon.

Tools and materials:

  • Flat iron
  • Curling brush
Heating the flat iron

1. Heat up

If you have fine hair, stick to the lower settings. For thicker hair, amp it up. I set my flat iron at 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also set it at 365 or 329 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on how thick or fine your hair is. 


Sectioning the hair

2. Section your hair

Section out your hair and clip up the top to start with the bottom layer.

We’re going to rotate between our round brush and our flat iron for this technique.


Shaping hair with round brush

3. Begin at the root

Start at the root and clamp the flat iron. Slowly drag it down and keep your round brush parallel to the flat iron.

Once you get to the end, quickly roll it around the round brush while it's still hot.

4. Let it cool 

Keep it wrapped and let it cool for a couple of seconds. Once it's cooled off, you can release it from the brush.


Using a flat iron

5. Repeat

Take down the next section. Be sure to keep the hair you’re still working on to the front and the styled hair back. Use your shoulders as the divider.


The shorter your hair the more pronounced the curling effect will be.

You’ll also get more of a defined curl and flip at the end using a smaller brush than you would using a larger one. Larger brushes create a less defined curl on the ends.  


Using a flat iron

Once you finish the first side, move to the other side, and use the same technique.

Go in with a round brush and flat iron and go down the hair shaft very slowly. When you get to the end, you'll see that soft finish.


You may be wondering why you can’t just use flat iron alone. Your hair sets when it heats and cools in the same exact position. That little flip on the end is going to last a lot longer when you wrap it around your brush and give it a few seconds to cool down.


Curling hair with round brush

Curl the bottom sections towards your face. When you get to the top section, you’ll start curling away from your face. This will create a pretty shape.

Adding volume

6. Create volume at the crown of your head 

The desired look of a blowout is that big, defined volume on the top. We're not going to sacrifice that here.

To get that volume, take down the top sections from the back of the crown. Curve inwards with your flat iron. As you're doing this, rotate the ends around your round brush all the way up.

If your hair doesn't hold curl well, give it a spritz of a light hold, flexible hairspray. Don't use a strong hold spray because that would take away from the soft, fluffy blow dry finish look that we’re aiming for.

Allowing the hair to cool around the brush will give you a nice finish so you shouldn’t need much product.

Parting the hair

7. Part your hair

Part your hair however you wear it throughout the week.

If you are a hair flipper and you don't really have a part, you can just continue doing what you did at the back of your crown all the way to the front.


Curling hair away from the face

8. Curl away from your face

Start curling the ends of the top section away from your face. Since you did all of your previous sections inward, flipping the top layer out will give you more variety and help you create the blowout look.

Again, once you get to the ends, roll up your round brush and hold it in place as it cools. Release to reveal that soft finish.

Once you get to the end, hold your section in place and let it cool for a couple of seconds. Release it once it cools.


Styling the bangs

9. Bangs

For bangs, take your round brush at the roots. Curve the flat iron towards your face and rotate the ends.

Make sure everything is wrapped up nicely. Rotate and let it cool for a couple of seconds. This will create volume at the top and a soft flip on the ends.


Completed at-home blowout

Completed at-home blowout

Completed at-home blowout

We’re finished! Can you believe this is all the work of a flat iron? It looks like a salon blowout, but it cost nothing and was so easy to do.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY faux blowout tutorial. How did yours come out? Tell me in the comments.


Suggested materials:
  • Flat iron
  • Curling brush

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