How to Create 3 Attractive Ponytail Hairstyles

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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In this hair tutorial, I'm going to show you how to do three messy ponytails with wavy hair. They are super easy to do, and you can do them by yourself. Keep reading to find out how to do these attractive ponytail hairstyles for yourself.

Tools and materials:

  • Elastic
  • Clip
  • Bobby pins
  • Topsy tail tool
Tying hair

Style 1 - Ponytail with a twist

1. Tie a half ponytail

Tie the top layer of your hair with a small elastic. Don't do it too tight and I even suggest that after you put on the elastic, start pulling a little bit to loosen the top and make sure it's even on every side. 

Tying ponytail

2. Tie a bottom ponytail

Clip the ponytail up to get it out of the way and then tie a low ponytail with all of the leftover hair. Tie the second ponytail tight and secure. Now you can let the top ponytail down and even pull it a little bit more to make the next step easier.

Twisting and pulling hair

3. Twist and pull

Make a hole in the center of the top ponytail, parting your hair to either side. 

Twisting hair

Then bring your fingers through the hole, twist this top section of hair, and pull the low ponytail through the hole.

Finishing up ponytail

4. Finish up

Now tighten both ponytails and make sure there's no elastic showing. To finish, tidy any fly-away hairs that are bothering you; I love when it's a little bit messier, especially at the bottom.

Completed twist ponytail

I called this style ponytail with a twist because that’s exactly what it is! I like this style when it has a lot of volume so to achieve that, I like to pull a little bit at the top to give it more volume and make it messier. It looks effortlessly chic.

Tying hair

Style 2 - Knotted ponytail

1. Tie a half ponytail

Tie the top layer of your hair again and make sure you have a decent amount of hair left at the bottom; not too little but not too much. Again, pull on it a little bit to soften it and make it looser.

Using topsy tail tool

2. Topsy tail your hair

Then we’re going to use a topsy tail hair tool. I used to think of it as something that just grandmas use but now, I love it and I use it a lot in my professional kit for wedding hairstyles.

Insert the tail of the tool diagonally from one of the sides in the ponytail and divide the bottom layer of hair in half. Take a look at the video from 3:04 if you’d like to see me using the topsy tail.

Repeating process

3. Repeat on the other side

Now insert the opposite side through the loop of the tool and then pull the tail. If you are getting some resistance just hold the ponytail to make it easier to pull the hair through it. Don't be afraid to pull hard unless it's hurting you.

Finishing up ponytail

4. Finish up

Finally, it's just a matter of polishing the look. Again, I like it to be a messy ponytail with a lot of volume at the bottom and a messy knot.

Finished trendy knotted ponytail look

Here is the finished trendy knotted look.

Knotting hair

Style 3 - The double knotted ponytail

1. Tie a knot

Take sections of hair from each side of the top layer and tie a simple knot. Just pass the hair through once and then secure the knot to the head with a bobby pin.

Knotting hair

2. Knot the lower sections

Repeat the same steps with two more sections of the next layer of hair. Just make sure that in these two new sections you are including the leftover hair from the top knot. 

Tying hair

This time, tie the two sections of hair that hang from the knot with an elastic underneath the bottom layer of hair, creating a ponytail again.

Securing hair with a pin

3. Secure with a pin

Secure the knot to the head with a bobby pin and finish it by tightening or loosening it to get it how you want. For this style, it's important to make sure that you can't see any bobby pins.

Finished double-knotted ponytail look

Here is the finished double-knotted look and I absolutely love it!

Three attractive ponytail hairstyles

Attractive ponytail hairstyles 

There we have three simple ponytail hairstyles which I’m sure we can all agree are much more stylish than your standard ponytail.

All of the twists and knots create hairstyles that look different and more interesting than what we’re all used to. Let me know which hairstyle you like the most in the comments below and I hope you’ll give them a go.

Suggested materials:
  • Elastic
  • Clip
  • Bobby pins
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