6 Easy DIY Makeup & Beauty Hacks That Will Save You Money & Time

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I love beauty hacks! I mean, who doesn't? Sometimes we don't have a specific product on hand, and instead of getting frustrated, know that there’s almost always an alternative!

In this easy tutorial, I am going to show you six makeup and beauty hacks, so you can look and feel your best without breaking the bank! You probably have all these beauty products at home already, and it’s just a matter of a little creative thinking to get the result you want.

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Tools and materials:

  • Tape
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Highlighter
  • Cream-colored eye pencil
  • Hairspray
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Lipstick 
Liquid eyeliner and clear tape

Beauty hack 1: Winged eyeliner using tape

Ever wished you could get that perfect winged eyeliner? Well, you can get it right, too. All you need is some tape and eyeliner. 

Creating winged eyeliner with tape

Simply, apply a piece of tape diagonally on the corner of your eye, as shown. Then, apply your eyeliner.

Fillling out the wing

If you want a thicker winged look, fill in the wing accordingly. 

Tip: Before removing the tape, let the eyeliner dry completely. 

Easy winged eyeliner makeup hack

Look at that, quick and easy! This has to be the best beauty hack for winged eyeliner - it comes out perfect every time!

How to make your own tinted moisturizer

Beauty hack 2: DIY tinted moisturizer

Run out of BB cream? Or perhaps you are looking for more subtle face coverage? This DIY tinted moisturizer hack is really great. 

Mixing moisturizer with foundation

In a small, clean container, mix your favorite moisturizer with a bit of foundation. Mix it up with an earbud, and you have yourself a tinted moisturizer! 

Applying DIY tinted moisturizer

Apply generously all over your face and rub it in with a large makeup brush for even coverage. 

Makeup with tinted moisturizer

As you can see, I don’t have the heavy foundation look, but I do have a more tinted look, which is way more subtle and perfect for everyday makeup. The moisturizer feels great on my skin, too. This is one of my best beauty hacks for face and skin. 

For a more detailed guide and to get tips on creating an illuminating tinted moisturizer, read my tutorial: This DIY Tinted Moisturizer is a Quick & Easy Way to Use Up Old Makeup.

Light-colored eye pencil

Beauty hack 3: Brighten your eyes

This excellent beauty hack goes a long way! If you want an eye-opener kind of look (which is great for everyday wear), then this light-colored pencil help will do just that. 

Applying white eye pencil along the waterline

Apply your favorite white pencil eyeliner to the rims of your bottom eyelid, as shown. 

Eyes look brighter with white eyeliner

Can you see that my eyes look brighter? It really gives that much-needed vibrancy. This great beauty hack is so simple yet goes a long way. 

Hairspray and spoolie brush

Beauty hack 4: Tame brows with hairspray

Have a bit of a "wild wild west" look going on with your brows? No worries: you can set your brows in place with a little hairspray! 

Spraying hairspray onto a spoolie brush

Applying hairspray to unruly brows

Simply, spray your favorite hairspray onto the tip of your eyebrow brush, and gently brush your brows in place. The hairspray will help hold those tiny hairs in place. 

Perfect brows set with hairpspray

My eyebrows look more clean-cut, and as we all know, tamed eyebrows really go a long way! I love that this beauty hack is so simple, and I don’t need to buy expensive eyebrow gels. 

Highlighter and lipstick

Beauty hack 5: Fake a fuller lip

We all dream of having soft, bouncy, and thicker lips. While lip fillers may go a long way, it’s a little too permanent and expensive. If you want to create an illusion of fuller lips, then definitely try this beauty hack! 

Wearing lipstick

Simply apply your favorite lipstick. 

Applying highlighter to the center of lips

Next, take a highlighter, dab a little on your finger, and apply it to the center of your lips. 

Fuller lips makeup trick

There you have it, instant fullness! I think this is the best DIY beauty hacks for your lips. Try it out yourself; you’ll be amazed! It’s so inexpensive, too. 

Applying lipstick as a cream blush

Beauty hack 6: Lipstick as a cream blush

Don’t have blush on hand? That’s ok, and you can use cream textured lipstick to get the job done! Simply add a few lines right on your cheekbone, as shown. 

Wearing lipstick as blush

Then, blend in the color and work your way upwards toward your hairline using your fingertips. Now, you have that much-needed color and radiance to complete your makeup look! 

Easy DIY makeup and beauty hacks

I hope you enjoyed these DIY makeup and beauty hacks. These simple tricks will save you money and leave you looking fabulous. Let me know which was your favorite tip in the comments section.

Suggested materials:
  • Tape
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Moisturizer
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