How to Fix Armholes That Are Too Big

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Do you have any dresses or shirts where the armholes are just too big? Here is a quick tutorial to fix those large armholes!

I have a lot of shirts and dresses where the armhole (the area around my armpit) is just too big or wide. Because I wear religious undergarments, I like to keep those areas smaller so they don’t show any undershirts or my bra. Here’s a tutorial to fix those large armholes.


denim ruffle shirt | white pants

Step 1. Try your shirt on and pinch under the armhole to measure how much you want to take in. Make a mental measurement or measure with a measuring tape for more accuracy.

Step 2. Remove the shirt and lay it on a flat surface. Use sewing pins to pin the sides of the shirt together under the armpits. Make a mark under the armpit where you pinched and measured when the shirt was on.

Step 3. Time to sew! The goal with this seam you’re creating is to have it go as parallel to the original seam as possible, even once you get toward the arm hole. Don’t create a curve or point, if at all possible. Start at the arm hole and sew straight down toward the hem of the shirt. The farther you sew from the original seam, the tighter your top will become, so keep that in mind. Maybe you want to take the whole top in a lot, but if not, keep your seam close to the original seam. (see the image/graphic above)

Step 4. Before you do the second side, try on the shirt and make sure the arm hole is to your liking. Adjust if needed. Then repeat on the second side.

Step 5. Try on your shirt again and make sure the arm holes are to your liking. Then cut off the extra fabric and zigzag or serge the raw edges of the fabric so the fabric doesn’t fray!

That’s it!


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