How to Make a Sexy DIY Crop Top & Skirt Set From an Old Blouse

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Today, I’ll be making a stylish DIY crop top and skirt set from this silk blouse. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make this DIY matching set! Ready for some thrift flip inspiration? Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Oversized blouse
  • Marker
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Skirt
  • Iron
  • Ruler
Silky button-up shirt before the DIY

Cutting out the button placket

1. Remove the button placket

The first thing you're going to do is remove the button placket on both sides. 

Cutting out the skirt pattern

2. Cut out the skirt pattern

Take a skirt that fits you well and place it on the bottom of the blouse. Then, cut around, leaving some seam allowance, and straight stitch around the edge.

Pressing the seams to lay them flat

Also, don’t forget to press your seams to lay everything flat. 

Using an overlocking stitch along the seams

Use your overlocker along the seams to avoid fraying. 

Sewing a double-folded rolled hem

Next, do a straight stitch over a double-folded rolled hem along the top of the skirt. 

Sewing an invisible zipper on the back of the skirt

3. Attach a zipper

Sew an invisible zipper on the back part of the skirt. Use a straight stitch for this. 

Cutting out long strips for the straps

4. Make the crop top

Cut the blouse’s sleeves out and along the seams. You’ll need to cut out long strips that will be placed at the back of the crop top.

Folding the strip in half, ready to sew

Fold the strip in half, sew along the raw edge, and then flip it right sides out. 

Cutting out the front and back pieces for the crop top

For the crop top itself, cut out two wide rectangles. For me, one of the rectangles was from the original back part of the shirt. 

How to make a matching crop top and skirt

For the second rectangle, I actually had to add two scrap pieces together and attach them by the seams. Feel free to do the same if this is the case with yours., too. 

DIY matching set tutorial

In the end, you should have a front and back piece. The front piece is the big piece of fabric, while the back piece (lining) is an equally sized rectangle made from two fabric pieces. 

Sandwiching the straps between the lining and exterior fabric

Sandwich your straps between the lining and front piece. Ensure you place them symmetrically on opposite ends. Pin to secure. 

Sewing and hemming the crop top

Then, do a straight stitch all around except for the bottom. Hem the bottom with a double fold-over and a straight stitch. 

DIY crop top and skirt

I crossed the ties over at the back, but you could tie them however you like.

DIY crop top and skirt from the back

DIY crop top and skirt set tutorial

Here it is! What do you think? This DIY crop top and skirt are super cute, elegant, and sexy! I’m pretty sure no one would even guess that this DIY matching set was a blouse once upon a time.

Thanks for joining me on this tutorial on how to make a crop top and skirt. Happy upcycling!

Suggested materials:
  • Oversized blouse
  • Marker
  • Sewing machine
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