Ruffles Has Ridges! Let's Make a Tuxedo Shirt.

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Mori in her DIY Tuxedo shirt

I made this tutorial a while back for another blog and thought I'd share it on my platform. I don't know about you but sometimes I like to mix it up a little. I like it when you put something fancy with something casual. You know like sequins and converse or in this case a tuxedo shirt and jeans. I decided to update a regular button down shirt and create my take on a tuxedo shirt. Let's do this!

I purchased a basic white men’s button up shirt for this project. You could also re-fashion shirts you already own or you may be able to find a few shirts at your local thrift store. We are going to make a tuxedo front for this white shirt.


  • 2 yards of Fashion fabric for the tuxedo front panel &

  • Coordinating thread
  • Cardstock/craft paper for the pattern
Step 1: Making the pattern for the tuxedo panels. Your

measurements will be based of your shirt you are using for this project. I put

my card stock on the front of the shirt to figure out the correct size and

shape. I traced the shape of my shirt and then cut out the pattern piece.

Step 2: Cutting out the Panels. Place the pattern piece on

the fold and cut out two panels. Make sure you either add the seam allowance n

your pattern or when you cut the pattern. I added a ½ inch seam allowance when

I cut out my fabric. (Make sure you flip

your pattern over to the other side to cut out the second panel)

Step 3: Cutting out the ruffles. Cut out 6 strips (2” X 45”)

from your fashion fabric for the ruffles.

Step 4: Sewing the tuxedo panels. With the right side together sew all the way

around the panel leaving the neck open, so that you can turn the panel to the

right side. You may need to clip your edges if rounded. Turn, fold in the open neck and press each


Step 5: Top-stitching the panels. Add top-stitching all the

way around the panel ¼” from the edge and press.

Step 6: Making the ruffles. I used a gathering foot to

make the ruffles for this project. You are going to add your gathering stitch

about ¼” from the long edge of you ruffle strips. If you do not have a

gathering foot you will apply your gathering stitches using your own method for

adding gathers.

*I used the raw edges in my project because I wanted a worn

casual fringe look to my tuxedo shirt. If you want clean edges you can hem your

ruffle pieces.

Step 7: Adding the ruffles to the panel. I started my first

row of ruffles ½ inch away for the edge. Pin the ruffle down the panel and

stitch to the panel, cutting off excess ruffle. I placed my second ruffle 1”

away from the first row and stitched and then I did the same for the final

ruffle. Repeat these steps for the second panel.

Step 8: Adding the completed ruffle panels to the shirt.

Just place the panels right beside the button plackets on the shirt, pin, stitch

and you are done!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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