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This white shirt is one of my favorite things to wear, usually with bright jeans. I don´t know how but unfortunately it ripped off, so I needed to fix it somehow. I decided to add a rectangle crochet doily on the back where it was ripped off so it turned out pretty well.

If you´re planning to refashion one of those shirts you never wear, adding a crochet doily or maybe even some lace tape is always a good idea. In the end you´ll have something different and unique.

First here´s a picture of my ripped off shirt.

For this refashion you´ll need :


• Basic shirt ( In my case it was ripped in the back )

• A crochet doily piece

• Cotton thread to match your fabric

• Pins

• Sewing machine

• Iron

• Scissors

Before starting the refashion you have to wash and iron the crochet doily.

 Next lay down the shirt, decide where are you going to add the piece, pin on the doily all over and make sure that you are pining only the back layer of the shirt (in this case).

After adjusting the pins, it´s time to sew the doily piece. I sewed mine using a sewing machine, but you could easily do it by hand. You also have to make sure you are sewing only through the back layer of the shirt. When you finish you can leave the fabric underneath the doily, in my case it had to be cut off .

I hope you enjoyed this REFASHION.

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  • Vonnata Vonnata on Dec 29, 2021

    I have tiny holes in the front of my shirts also and finally figured out where they came from. I live where it rains alot and hoodies are an everyday wear... When I zip them my tops were getting in the zipper are cutting tiny holes.

  • San20286883 San20286883 on Jan 29, 2022

    I have same problem on mine so I call it my buck shot shirt. Humor helps. Thank you for tip with the glue. :)