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As a self-taught seamstress I’ve always loved the billow-y possibility of an old men’s oxford shirt. All the fine detailing of the buttons and sleeves is already manufactured, leaving the tailoring to me. I fell in love with the tie shirt trend this summer is bringing. I found a shirt at TJ Maxx that got some great attention on my Instagram &I was sure I could make with a little digging in my closet ! So save a shirt from the Goodwill bin of your spring savings, to sculpt a forgotten shirt into summer treasure!


  • Old Mens Shirt (~One Size up in Mens)
  • Button down shirt/shirt of your own for stencil
  • Matching Thread
  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine


step 1: Lay out and press your men’s shirt. You will be be using a women’s button down that fits you as a stencil – making sure to leave the front of the neckline slightly lower (as desired).

step 2: Tuck the sleeves in (as below), pin and trace with 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around your stencil shirt usually washable marker. I like tracing on the “right side” to ensure proper fit.

step 3: Now that you have your online, create an a-line hem from the end of the elbow and the bottom of the shirt. Measure 2-3 inches from the bottom hem (desired length) and connect to create the hem on both sides. This will give the shirt the “swing” fit.

Lightly drawn here is the shirt line – straight down + 3 inch and measure a 45 degree angle thereby creating an a-line hem

step 4: Cut one sleeve off of your shirt and cut evenly in half. Remove cuff. Press and sew along edges of the sleeve to make clean tie/prevent fraying. Pin one half to the front of your bodice piece starting from the elbow to the bottom of the shirt.

step 5: Sew the “sleeve” onto the front bodice piece by sewing from the bottom of the elbow along the top edge of the sleeve (below) stopping ~1 inch before the buttons on the front of the shirt.

step 6: Press down and sew along elbow and collar areas with a straight stitch to finish. Flip “wrong” sides together and sew along bodice. Finish hem to finish.

I will be making this shirt in many colors and patterns – I think a Hawaiian shirt would look awesome for summer – what do you think?

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