How to Make a Cute Tie Front Crop Top

by AssunDIY
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a tie front crop top. This gingham crop top is so cute and so simple to make and all you need is some cotton fabric and a sewing machine! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials: 

  • Cotton fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins and clips
  • Bias binding
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
Fabric cut to size

1. Cut your fabric to size

For this DIY crop top, you need three pieces of gingham, cotton fabric. One large piece that is 18x35.5 inches and two strips that are 24x4 inches. 

Measuring fabric

2. Divide the fabric into three sections

Mark the large piece of fabric into three sections that are each 6in wide using two marks. 

Measuring fabric

Repeat in the middle of the fabric.

Measuring fabric

3. Draw a line through the marks

Draw a line through the middle and bottom marks that is 18in length.

Measuring fabric

4. Connect the middle section

Draw a line across the middle section to form a rectangle. It should be 6 inches in width.

Measuring fabric

5. Draw a 1-inch line

Draw a 1-inch line in the middle of the top line of the rectangle. 

Rounded triangle on fabric

6. Connect the two sides

Connect the two sides of the rectangle to the top of the 1-inch mark. It should form a rounded triangle.

Cutting out rounded rectangle

7. Cut it out

Cut out the rounded rectangle, then set it aside.

8. Fold the strips in half

Fold and pin the two strips of fabric in half.

Sewing the ends

9. Sew the ends

Sew the short ends of the folded strips closed.

Folding the strips

Fold the strips right side out. You can use something sharp like the end of a pair of scissors to sharpen the corner. 

Pinning the center

10. Pin the center

Fold the strips in half to find the center and then pin.

Pinning the strips

11. Pin the strips to the larger fabric

Mark 18in height of the large fabric, then place the center of the strip at that point.

Pinning ends

Pin both ends.

Sewing strips to large fabric

12. Sew

Sew the open end of the strips to the large fabric using a zigzag stitch. Then sew along the entire side.

Folding the shirt

13. Fold and sew the shirt together

Fold the shirt in half, ensuring the ends of the strips line up together.

Fabric sewed together

Sew together the fabric from the ends of the strips to the bottom of the shirt.

Top stitched seam

14. Top stitch the seam

Fold out the strips (now sleeves) and unfold the seam. Top stitch the seam along the side of the shirt and the top and bottom of each sleeve.  

Folding the shirt

Fold the shirt right side out.

Clipping and sewing shirt

15. Clip and sew bias binding to the front of the shirt

Clip and sew bias binding to the open flaps and the collar of the shirt.

16. Pin and sew bias binding to the bottom of the shirt 

Pin the center of the 55-in long bias binding to the center of the back of the shirt. Then, pin along the edge. Leave the ends to hang off and sew them together.

Shirt ends

Sew a square to the ends of the bias binding.

DIY tie front crop top

Tie the bias binding and here’s your finished front tie crop top! This gingham cropped top is so cute and doesn’t take much to make it!

Let me know what you think about this tutorial on how to sew a crop top below!

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins and clips
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