8 Casual & Cute Modest Outfits That Show How Covering Up Can Be Chic

In this lookbook, I’m going to be styling casual and cute modest outfits. As a disclaimer, I’m usually all about crop tops and mini-skirts, so I’m no expert when it comes to modest dressing, but this topic has been highly requested.

So, I've been doing a lot and research, and actually, I really enjoyed putting these looks together. I’m excited to share with you the trendy modest outfit ideas I came up with.

Modest outfits with jeans

1. Modest but model-off-duty

I’ve started with something that I call my uniform: an oversized white t-shirt and a pair of mom jeans. The top's loose fit means that it isn't figure-hugging, so this is a good pick for modest outfits.

I like to tuck in the top to move the visual line of my legs a little bit higher up. On top, I’ve thrown on a blazer. A blazer has the magical ability to take my casual outfit and make it super sophisticated.

To accessorize, I’ve added a black purse, and I threw on a pair of shades because I like to look super unapproachable. This outfit is super flattering for any body type; you cannot go wrong with this combo.

Feminine modest outfit ideas

2. Modest but feminine

This next outfit is a modest outfit with a feminine twist to it. I love wearing a chiffon blouse that has a necktie because this just makes your outfit look cuter and more girly.

The flowy fabric of the top complements the A-line midi skirt. The only thing I’m not sure about in terms of modesty are these open-toe heels. Maybe some people would consider them modest, but others wouldn’t.

Colorful and stylish modest pants outfit

3. Modest but glam

This next look is for you girls who are about to pop out for your afternoon tea at the Ritz! It is also a very boss-babe kind of look. I love the vibrant pop of pink from the jacket.

On the bottom, I’ve gone for some high-waisted, faux leather pants. They have a relaxed straight leg and they aren’t too tight, so they are pretty modest.

I added these heels to go with the glam factor, but you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to.

Cute modest outfits that are on-trend

4. Modest but chic

Here, we’ve got a classic lightweight dress shirt perfect for spring,g and I love wearing pastel colors this time of year. I’ve got on a pair of white boyfriend straight-leg jeans, which aren’t too tight.

I’ve tucked the shirt half in half out because I’ve seen a lot of models do this, and I think the asymmetry looks really good. I’ve also rolled up the sleeves for a laidback look. 

This outfit is casual and not thinking too much, yet looks put together at the same time.

If you feel like this is a bit too formal for you, I suggest adding a baseball cap because baseball caps always make an outfit loot more casual. Tote bags also tone down the formality of an outfit.

How to put together modest outfits

If you do want to make it more formal, you can easily switch up the look. Here I’ve swapped the sneakers for a pair of heels and changed the bag for a pastel with chain details. I think that accessories can really dress up or dress down your look.

Styling modest outfits

I have seen a lot of people drape a sweatshirt over their dress-shirt like this, and it instantly makes it seem like you belong to a country club.

Trendy modest outfits

5. Modest but street

The cap, plus baggy jeans and sneakers, gives you an instant street aesthetic. Oversized and baggy clothes are trendy and perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to show their figure.

Not everyone might be comfortable wearing ripped jeans, but one option would be to get iron-on patches to cover the rips.

Easy modest clothing ideas

If you are too hot in a sweatshirt, just go for an oversized t-shirt instead.

Casual and cute modest outfits

6. Modest but comfy

This next look is perfect for wearing on a Sunday morning stroll; it has a laidback, chill vibe. The skirt is satin and is a little bit on the thinner side, perfect for warmer weather. 

How to dress modestly

7. Modest but cool girl

I’m not really sure what to call this aesthetic, but I love this hoodie and blazer combo; it is definitely Hailey Bieber-inspired.

Of course, I needed to include this hat because everyone and their dog has this hat, and I just wanted to include that extra casual streetness.

This blazer is from the menswear section, and I love the look of men’s clothes on women. My sneakers match the color of the blazer, and my hat matches the accessories, creating a coordinated look.

Chic and sexy modest outfit

8. Modest but badass

Lastly, we have modest but badass; I’m pairing a band tee with a relaxed pair of straight-cut jeans and my faux-leather blazer. Chunky boots add even more badass attitude.

How to wear casual & cute modest outfits

The second option for this outfit is to pair it with a moto jacket to show that you don’t have to wear a black leather jacket. As you’re wearing a black t-shirt, any neutral color will work on top.

Casual & cute modest outfits

I hope you like the modest outfits that I’ve put together. Obviously, everyone has different standards when it comes to covering up, but I hope I’ve given you some inspiration.

Let me know what the most important elements are for you when putting together a modest outfit in the comments below.

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