7 Cute & Casual Summer Outfits That Look Good on Everyone

Kerina Wang
by Kerina Wang

Today we’re going to be talking about some casual summer outfit formulas that will look good on all body shapes, for those lazy summer days where you just want to throw something on without thinking too much but at the same time, look really put together.

White top with blue jeans in the summer

1. White tops + denim bottoms

I return to the white top and denim bottoms combination every year because it works so well. There’s a reason why this combo is such a no-brainer. The color match screams casual and classy.

You can pick a super casual top such as a ribbed tank top or a t-shirt if you want something more modest, or if you want something fancier, you can opt for something with ruffles and more girly detail. There are so many possibilities.

Easy summer outfits

For the bottom, you don’t have to go with blue jeans, but blue jeans are something that I personally gravitate towards. I really like fit and flare jeans, or alternatively ripped jeans if I’m in the mood for them. Denim skirts and shorts will also work really well for this look.

Different shades of denim

Of course, you can switch up the different shades of your denim, so you can go for dark blue, black, and charcoal as well.

Dressing up a white top and jeans with shoes

In terms of footwear, you can either choose to go super casual with runners and sneakers, or if you're feeling fancy that day, you can go with some heels or some mules.

How to style joggers

2. Joggers 

I feel like joggers are the functional adult version of sweatpants. If you're a fan of sweatpants and that's all you wear around your house, then you'll love joggers because they have the same comfort level, but they're just ever so slightly more elevated and sophisticated.

A lot of times, joggers will have an elastic waist, and the fit has more of a fitted ankle. They’re also often high-waisted, which will make your legs look longer and slimmer. 

How to elevate joggers

There's such a wide variety of different colors of joggers that you can play around with. In terms of footwear, you can also go for something super casual like runners and joggers, or you can go for heels.

Basic dresses for the summer

3. Basic dresses 

These dresses are something that you don't have to think about because they’re literally one piece that you throw on in the morning, and you’re ready to go. 

Cute summer outfits

I have a white one and a gray one that I've been reaching for summer after summer because they are so basic and go with a lot of my accessories and footwear.

Lightweight black dress for the summer

This black dress is basically what I live in right now; it is so extremely comfortable. My tip on choosing casual summer dresses is to go for something that's breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and not see-through. Ribbed materials are one of my favorites because they are stretchy and conform to your body shape without being too restrictive.

Wearing a midi dress in the summer

If you want a modest look, you can also go for a midi dress.

Blue tie-dye dress for the summer

If you like some color, then you can also go for colored dresses; I love this blue tye-dye one.

Wearing dresses with sneakers

Because dresses are slightly on the smarter side, I tend to always tone them down by pairing them with sneakers. Sometimes, I pair them with padded sandals. as well.

How to wear two-piece sets

4. Two-piece sets 

The next essential combo is a set with a top and a bottom that is already paired for you, so you literally have to do zero percent of the thinking; you just throw it on.

The best part is it will look put together because the top and the bottom are made from the same material. You can go for a two-piece set in linen, ribbed cotton, or many other materials.

Simple summer outfit ideas

5. Simple tops and shorts

I love to pair crop tops with high-waisted shorts in the summer. You can opt for simple lounge shorts with an elastic waistband or a pair of denim shorts. 

Cute casual summer outfits

You don’t have to pair them with a crop top; choose something that you will be happy wearing; comfort and confidence are always the two most important things.

One tip I have for you is not to mix prints together, so if you have a plaid print on top, don't go for a striped bottom. Or, if you have a polka dot top, don't go for a floral bottom. Just always stick to neutral basics and solid colors.

Oversized tops + biker shorts outfit formula

6. Oversized tops + biker shorts

There's just something about a very relaxed oversized top paired with more form-fitting biker shorts (just make sure you go for a pair that isn’t see-through). One iconic combo that I think is so failproof is graphic t-shirts with a biker shorts.

Wearing biker shorts in the summer

The shorts also look great paired with an oversized hoodie or an oversized sweatshirt; it makes your ratios look super amazing. If you're looking for a good modest option, you can switch out the biker shorts for a long pair of yoga leggings.

How to style denim jackets

7. Denim jackets 

Denim jackets come in all different colors and sizes and variety and lengths, but this is my hands down absolute favorite denim jacket that I consistently reach for year after year; it goes with so many outfits.

Casual summer outfits with denim jackets

When choosing a denim jacket to buy, make sure you go for one that is not too baggy and not too fitted, one that is just right, you know, like goldilocks. I feel like the more boyfriend style, super baggy type of denim jackets will only last you a season or two, but these types of classic forms you can wear year after year, so they’re a good investment.

Casual summer outfits

I hope you enjoyed this casual summer outfit lookbook and were able to pick up some inspiration for what to wear this season. Ensure you have a good number of basic yet classic pieces that you’ll want to reach for again and again. 

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