Cheat-sheet What to Wear for a Video Interview

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What to wear for a video interview

I can’t believe she did this! One and only chance and she blew it.

I’ve decided to write a post about what to wear for a video interview because while I have not lost hope for our society, it is very evident from my day-to-day experience that we need help! We need help with getting prepared for a video (Zoom) interview and we need help nailing it!

You wonder why a fashion and lifestyle blogger would be writing tips about video interviews? Well, my full-time job and my degree is in Human Resources Management. I have been working in recruitment for almost ten years. I live and breathe candidate search and selection every single day. On average I interview anywhere between 1,300 and 2,100 people per year.

Therefore, I believe I am qualified to provide you with the following tips 🙂 Please save and share!

First and foremost, even though this interview is taking place in your living room, it is still A JOB INTERVIEW. I cannot stress this enough. You might think “Well, of course, this is common sense.” Unfortunately, even highly educated and experienced candidates do not realize this obvious fact, and make simple mistakes that can cost them an excellent opportunity.

With that being said, your main takeaway from this post should be this – treat your zoom or video interview exactly the same as an in-person interview in terms of attire. It’s simple as that.

Here are my recommendations for what to wear to a video interview:


Classy and always appreciated. Works well for any gender or gender neutral individuals. You just cannot go wrong with a suit and tie! Trust me, your interviewer will be impressed you made an effort to present yourself in a professional manager. Make sure your suit is not wrinkled! Steam, iron or dry clean before the interview. Yes, all those things can be visible through the screen.

If you don’t own a suit, it’s not a big deal. There are plenty of other options.

Button down shirt/Blouse and slacks/skirt.

Most of us own a blouse or a button down shirt. Put it to good use! And don’t forget to finish your look with a pair of slacks.

Yes, wear professional bottoms even though your interviewer can only see you from waist up. Imagine a smoke alarm going off in your house or you forgot to turn off a faucet. Things like this are real and can happen. I am speaking from experience, so just trust me on this one.

Pullover/Sweater and slacks/skirt.

Professional type pullover is a modest and acceptable option for an interview. While the top preference is still a suit, an good alternative can be as simple as a neutral colored pullover with a skirt or slacks. Just be sure to avoid tops with graphics and bright colors.


If you own a business professional dress, you can go ahead and show it off. Sprinkle some extra style to it with your favorite matching necklace and earrings. Don’t wear your cocktail dress though 😉

Cardigan, top and slacks/skirt

Cardigan that is a solid color with a matching colored top with slacks would look very professional for a video interview. Your potential employer will be impressed you put so much effort into looking sharp for them.

General Video Interview Attire Tips:


I will say this again – put on professional style bottoms. The last thing you want is your potential boss to lose interest in a matter of a second by you getting up and showing your stretched out lounge pants.


NO jeans! Yes, common sense you would say, but I have interviewed people who were wearing jeans and even ripped jeans.


Make sure the colors of your clothes are neutral, not too bright and there are no logos, graphics or words. Tiny logos are fine. Your goal is to keep potential employer focused on you 100% of the time and not get distracted from a conversation with you.


Think of what you will wear 2-3 days before the interview and prepare your clothing ahead of time. You don’t want to realize last minute that the only white shirt you own and planned to wear has a stain on it or is missing a button.


It is best to wear clothing that covers most of your skin – arms and cleavage specifically. Since you are very close to the camera, your interviewer will see your face and torso on the entire screen. Prepare by looking at yourself in the camera mode beforehand.

I hope these tips on what to wear for a video interview will help you next time you venture out to the job market. While I provided you with lots of options that you probably can find in your closet, check out some additional outfit ideas that you can shop today below.


for stopping by. And, hey, good luck! You can do this!

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