5 Fashion Habits That Create Chaos and How to Change Them

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We all have bad fashion habits that lead to wardrobe chaos and frustration.

I’ve brainstormed some of them and have also come up with suggestions on how to break those habits. Let's get into it.

Trying on jeans

Chaotic habit 1: Buying the same thing in multiples

There is nothing wrong with buying the same thing in multiples - I think it is an excellent strategy if you have a solid sense of personal style that hasn’t changed in a long time.

However, when we buy an item in multiples with the same cut, silhouette, and neckline, we tend to get a little sick of that item.

Tip 1: Choose a slightly different silhouette or neckline

Instead of focusing so much on having multiple color variances, look to make a slight tweak in the silhouette or the neckline.

When you change the silhouette and neckline slightly, you will get the same look you're going for. However, it'll give you that variance you need to change up the vibe of your look.

You could also play with texture - use the same silhouette and cut but in a different fabric. This will give you more use from your multiples rather than having carbon copies in different colors alone.


This black blouse and blue polka dot blouse are not identical by any means, but they are both silks, are a similar silhouette, and have a really good drape.

The black one is bigger, wider, more drapey, and less tailored. The details on this black blouse are more feminine, there are more frills, and it’s a bit sexier.

The two blouses are different enough to serve different purposes.

Chaotic habit 2: Saving things for special occasions

We all have pieces that we keep in our closets, but we never wear them because we're saving them for a special occasion.

I don't know why we're waiting for special occasions to wear pieces that make us feel and look fantastic.

One of the biggest pain points around getting use out of these special pieces is that they might be intimidating because they're a little more festive or bold.

Maybe they’re not the vibe that we want to take on on a random Wednesday morning. 

Outfit idea

Tip 2: Wear them with everyday or contrasting pieces from your wardrobe

This is the easiest way to get use out of those special pieces and make it so that you're comfortable wearing them.

Outfit idea

Pair these pieces with others that are a lot more laid-back and casual to help bring them down a notch.

Also, look for a texture in an opposing fabric - something that feels a little rougher or a little more utilitarian. Doing this allows you to keep your sense of style without feeling too fancy or out of place.

Chaotic habit 3: Leaving our tags on clothes 

And not returning them so they just sit there hanging and taking up space in our closets!

Tip 3: Ask yourself if this purchase is something you will wear right away

A good prompt as to whether or not this is a solid purchase in the first place is to ask yourself, would you want to take the tags off right away when you get home? 

Clothes rack

Find a small little rack and hang the tagged items up on the rack somewhere where you see them every day.

Ensure they are always top of mind and not randomly mixed into your closet. Give yourself only a week, then decide whether to keep them. 

Chaotic habit 4: Categorising our closet into sections for different lifestyle needs

Everyone has a “work pants” section they only wear for work. That's okay, but when we categorize our clothes so strongly, it stops us from seeing them in a creative way.

And that brings us to buying more things for all the other categories of our life when we could probably wear those work pants in multiple scenarios.

Outfit idea

Tip 4: See your clothes as “elements of style”

When looking at your clothes, consider the color, texture, and silhouette. Try not to look at a pair of pants and thinking, “Since I wear these for work, I can't wear these to go out for dinner with my friends.”

Chaotic habit 5: Keeping clothes that no longer fit

This is a tough one because our bodies are constantly changing.

Tip 5: Keep classics and good quality basics in storage

Put those away for when your weight dips or elevates. If you're going through a bodily change that you don't know when it will end, take out the items that currently no longer fit - the ones that are timeless and high quality - so that you can get them altered in the future if needed.

5 fashion habits

There we have five chaotic fashion habits and some tips on resolving them.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and that you’ll try out the tips for yourself. Which tip did you find most helpful? Comment down below.

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