Fashion Hacking Part 2: 10 More Quick & Easy Fashion Hacks

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I previously made a fashion hacks tutorial, and I got such good feedback from it that I thought I would gather up some new hacks to show you guys. These hacks are super easy and quick, they take under a minute, and there is no sewing required.

Tools and materials:

  • Clear elastic
  • Hair scarf
  • String/shoelace 
  • Hair elastic
  • Black socks
  • Knickers
How to do a cross-knot t-shirt

1. Cross-knot

The best way to tie a cute little knot at the front of your t-shirt is to take the two sides of your t-shirt and cross them over.

How to knot a t-shirt

Twist them. 

Tying a knot in a t-shirt

Then wrap one of the twisty ends around the other twisty end. 

Fashion hack for a t-shirt knot

Now you have a perfect knot that won't fall apart when you're moving about. If you want to secure it further, just take a clear elastic and wrap it around.

Turning a dress into a skirt

2. Turn a dress into a skirt

I’m going to show you how you can turn it into a skirt. Simply unzip the dress, fold it inwards and down, and stop at the point where your waist begins. 

How to turn a dress into a skirt

Pat it down, smooth it out on the inside, and (if you have a zipper) zip it halfway at the back. If you find that it's falling down and not staying in place on your waist, you can just throw on a belt. 

Using a belt to keep the skirt up

Because there are no belt loops, we're just going to be using our good old elastic band belt hoop trick (that I covered in detail in my other hacks tutorial). Now you have a summery skirt! This hack helps you to save closet space and money.

How to do a scarf knot on a t-shirt

3. Scarf knot

The next hack is for those of you who want to spice up your white t-shirt knot. 

Tying a scarf around a t-shirt knot

First, tie your t-shirt into a knot. Then take a simple hair scarf and tie it around the first knot once. 

Tucking the knot in

Tuck the knot or fold it inwards and tie a knot or a bow with the remainder of the scarf. 

Scarf t-shirt know at the back

You can also tie this at the back if you want.

No-show tie-front top hack

4. No-show tie-front tops

Next, I will show you how to wear a bra or a bralette under a tie-front top. You can tie it normally outside your bralette and have it show, but if you want to conceal your bra, there's a way to do it. 

How to hide a bralette with a knotted shirt

First, take the two sides of the shirt and tie it halfway into a knot. Then with your inner loop, tuck it underneath your bralette, and now with your other hand, pull it out from underneath your bralette from the top. Then secure it with a knot in the middle. 

Knotted shirt fashion hack

This way, you can hide your bralette, and you can tie it as tight as you want. 

Fashion hack for large jeans

5. Jeans too big?

In the other hacks tutorial, I showed you what you could do if your denim jeans were a bit too large. But if you don’t think that that looks so presentable, another way you can tighten the waist of your denim jeans is to take a string of some kind (it could be a shoelace or a ribbon) and loop it around the back three belt hoops of your jeans. Then tie it into a bow. 

Hack for jeans that are too big

Now all you need to do is flip it inside and tuck it into your jeans. To make it more undetectable, I suggest using a piece of string that's the same color as your denim bottoms. Depending on how loose the waist was, to begin with, it might look a little bit scrunched up near the back, but then you can just throw a belt over it, and that will hide it.

Hack for jeans that are too small

6. Jeans too tight?

What if your jeans are too tight around the waist? All you need to do is get a hair elastic, loop it around the button, through the other side of the buttonhole, and then back onto the button. 

DIY maternity jeans hack

The only downside to this is that you need to wear something that goes over that to cover it up. If you go for a loose-fitting sweater, then you won't be able to see the button. This is also a really really good hack during pregnancy; I know I used it during my own pregnancy on my denim. Save your money; you don't need to get maternity denims, just use this hack.

How to make a zipper stay up

7. Zipper won’t stay up?

Sometimes the zipper on my jeans just doesn't like to stay up. One way to prevent this is to use a clear elastic band or a hair tie.

Using an elastic to make a zipper stay up

Loop the elastic band through the zipper hole, and then zip it up and use the other end of the elastic to loop it around the button. I promise your zip is not going to fall down again.

How to prevent rips in tights

8. Toe rips on tights?

If you love to wear tights and leggings you’ll know that even the most expensive pair of nylons can rip around the toe. But these guys are to their rescue! I have here a normal cotton black sock and a black nylon sock. 

DIY tights hack to prevent rips

Put the socks on before you put on your tights. If you're wearing semi-sheer or opaque tights, you can't really tell that you're wearing something underneath. Now it's going to be so much harder for your toe to manage to rip a hole in your tights.

How to keep tights up

9. Tights won't stay up?

I’ve also had moments when my tights have gradually slipped down. One way to fix this is to wear a pair of high-waisted knickers or bikini bottoms over your tights. Because they’re high-waisted and hopefully tighter than your tights, they will keep the tights in place.

Tights keep falling down?

Shapewear is another great option. Here I'm wearing a super-duper high-waisted undergarment that sucks all your tummy in, and then you get the added bonus of your tummy looking flatter if you're wearing a bodycon dress.

DIY cropped top hack

10. Bra tuck v2

In my other tutorial, I covered how to turn your regular top into a cropped top by tucking it underneath your bra. But that can sometimes create a weird-looking bulge on the sides and the back when it's not tucked.

Clothing hacks

So I'm calling this hack bra tuck version two, and what you need to do is just to take the two sides of your shirt and twist them until the height of the top is where you want it to be cropped. 

Easy fashion hacks

Then take the two side loops, fold them in and tuck them into the sides of your bra. Now you can tuck in the front, side, and back off your top in an even way without constantly having to twist and check to see if they're even. 

Fashion hacking tutorial

There we have 10 more fashion hacks that will change the way you dress! They are quick and easy and don’t involve any sewing at all. Be sure to check out the previous fashion hacks tutorial if you haven’t already seen it for even more hacks.

Let me know which you found helpful in the comment below, or share your own fashion tips and tricks!

Suggested materials:
  • Clear elastic
  • Hair scarf
  • String/shoelace
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