How to Master Regencycore Style

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Bridgerton. And it’s not just me, the hit Netflix series has taken the world by storm. Brands from all over have jumped on the hype, from beauty and fashion, to home decor and more. With all the attention, Regencycore has become the style of the day once again. (As they say, things always come back in style). As much as I’d love to wear a gown for every occasion, true Regencycore isn’t the most practical. So how do you master Regencycore in the 2020’s? Here’s my favorite trends and items to help create your modern Bridgerton wardrobe.

4 Items to Add to Your Regencycore Closet

Shop the Look: Bronx & Bonco Dress // Headband

Puff sleeves had been making a comeback even before Regencycore. However, Bridgerton really brought them into the mainstream wardrobe. Whether you go with a smaller puff sleeve or an exaggerated one, it’s a Regencycore must.

Shop the Look: Similar Dress // Corset (Size Up)

Corsets during the regency era were very popular. However, they were typically worn under something. For a modern take on corsets try wearing them over a dress or shirt.

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They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but pearls are really what Regencycore is all about. Though you may be the diamond of the season, pearls are the true feat of Regency. While a strand of pearls will always be in style, try to take your Pearl wearing to the next level. Try Pearl embellished shoes or accessories for a little extra regency.

Shop the Look: Headband // Dress // Purse

Crowns are no doubt a beautiful accessory. But on the rare occasion you don’t want to flaunt your royal status, try something a little more subtle. An embellished headband is the perfect way to wear your crown around town. (And far less likely to be stolen!)

The Ultimate Regencycore Outfit

Make the ultimate modern Bridgerton outfit by combining all of the elements above. Wear a corset over a puff sleeve dress, throw on a headband, and add some pearls. You’ll quickly be crowned the Queen’s diamond of the season and secure only the best suitor.

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