Dress Your Best! How To Style an Oversized Shirt

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I’m an avid fashion fanatic and I naturally look for creative ( and inexpensive ) ways to dress my best. I think oversized shirts are a great essential item in anyone’s closet. You’re probably asking, “how to style an oversized shirt?”. Well, you are about to find out. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you 10 stylish ways; all you need is a few items from your closet and an oversized dress shirt. I purchased one from Zara and it wasn’t a big splurge. This is a winter-friendly style guide, too. Let’s get started!

 Look 1

This is an easy oversized shirt style that looks sophisticated all round. Pair your shirt with plain black leggings. It looks great in both an informal or formal setting. It’s clean, cute, and the oversized shirt adds a playful edge to the look.

Style an oversized white shirt

Look 2

Show off your curves! While still wearing your black leggings, add an elegant element to this look with a cinched cloth belt that sits just above your waist. I opted for a black belt so that it compliments the black leggings.

Women’s oversized shirt style

 Look 3

Here’s another look with a cute belt. Style an oversized shirt with a leather belt. I chose a brown, neutral-friendly belt. Wear it just above your waist to enhance your figure and pair it with some chunky, gold jewelry to give it a hint of dazzle.

Oversized shirt style

Look 4

This is an impressive outfit for colder days. Wear an oversized sweater on top and make sure that the cuffs, collar, and the bottom of the shirt stick out. This way, it gives a trendy edge to your outfit because of the layers. This is a great look to wear to work or even when running errands.

Purse with oversized shirt style

Look 5

Go for the same idea but this time, but with a knitted vest. Choose any color vest you want, as long as it matches the overall outfit. This sure is one way to strut your curves! Finish off this look by pairing an oversized neutral colored purse.

Easy oversized shirt style

Look 6

If you’re looking for a more laid back, casual look, simply wear an oversized denim jacket. I chose a jacket that sits right above my waist, hence not taking away the primary look of the women’s oversized shirt style.

Blanket scarf with oversized shirt style

Look 7

Is it getting a little nippy outside? Add a blanket scarf and ruffle it out so that it looks oversized, too. I love how adding a scarf gives this look a classier tone. It will keep you warm and make you look stylish at the same time! Double win!

How to style an oversized white shirt

Look 8

Do you have a poncho lying around? Great! Throw it on and create a playful, warm, and versatile impression. Here I opted for a tan poncho with cute little ruffles along the seams. You definitely cannot go wrong with this easy, oversized shirt style!

Easy oversized shirt style with turtleneck

Look 9

Keep it classy and functional! Style your oversized shirt with a plain black turtleneck underneath. This is another look for those cold days where you don’t want to look boring. Unbutton the top buttons so that the turtleneck is visible.   

Style an oversized white shirt

Looking for an option that will show off your body shape? Simply wrap the shirt with a belt and you have yourself another oversized shirt style! As you can see, I wore a brown belt, but any other neutral color will work just as fine.

Women’s oversized shirt style with radiant Indian attire

Look 10

Get your Indian groove on! Of course, I had to show off my Indian roots with this one and I think this traditional Indian outfit called “Salwar Kameez” goes great with an oversized shirt style. Wear a “salwar”- colorful Indian pants paired with a white, oversized shirt and cinch it using a belt. Also, pair this with a traditional Indian scarf, “Dupatta” if you want a traditional look.

There you have it! 10 fun, versatile, and stylish outfits that will give your looks an incredible “wow” factor! It’s inexpensive, fun, and comfortable. Happy styling!

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