How to Style Baggy Clothes

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Here, I’m going to tackle the question of how to style baggy clothes in a very chic and put-together way. I'm going to share some tips on styling the five most common oversized pieces. Let's get started.

Button-down shirts

1. Button-down shirts

Even though oversized shirts can be boxy, I love how the tailoring and the sharpness of the lines make them look intentional and put together.

When wearing an oversized button-down, I always unbutton the collar, creating a nice long line that shows off my neck.

I also like to cuff the sleeves to show off my wrists. These things ensure that I'm not getting completely overwhelmed by the volume of the shirt.

I also like to pair an oversized button-down with pants that are relatively tapered and fitted pants, allowing that proportion difference to shine. 

Button-down shirts

It's extra important that whatever bottoms you are wearing are stiff enough to hold the fabric in if you plan on tucking your shirt in all the way. 

Button-down shirts

You can also do the quasi-tuck with your oversized shirt and lean into that boyfriend and casual style. 

Button-down shirts

Or, if you want to go on the more flirty side of things, you can tie a knot at the waist.

Doing this not only helps you manage that excess fabric, but it will also show off your waist. 

Button-down shirts

You can also leave your oversized shirt completely untucked.

This looks especially chic when paired with a pair of super tight and slimming pants. 


2. Blazers

Oversized blazers are also incredibly easy to find vintage and secondhand, as well as in the trusty men's section. 


When it comes to styling a blazer so that it doesn't completely swallow you whole, making sure that it fits on your shoulders is important.

I also enjoy rolling up the cuffs on my blazers, sometimes to show the long-sleeve shirt I'm wearing underneath or to show off a cool watch. 


You can also belt your blazer to give a nice cinched waist look and accentuate your figure. 


When it comes to leaving your blazer open, it's the base of what you're wearing that is really important.

In my opinion, it should be fitted enough so that even though you're wearing your blazer, we can still see your figure underneath.

If you want to accentuate your waistline while leaving a blazer open, wear a base outfit with a contrasting top and bottom. Throw a belt on to really bring the point home.

But if you would prefer not to bring attention to your waist but still want to get the oversized look, wear a nice fitted monochrome base outfit or even a dress underneath.


3. Sweaters

While it is so easy to just throw on a giant oversized sweater and leave the sleeves hanging down over your hands, that is just not practical.

Instead, I always roll my cuffs to show off some interesting jewelry as well as the slender part of my wrist. 


Much like the blazer, you can belt your oversized sweater, but another fun trick is tucking it into the bottom of your bra to leave it a little bit more cropped but still loose.

This will show off whatever you're wearing on the bottom and still give you a relatively defined waist, depending on how high you crop it. 


If you want to wear your sweater completely untucked, wear something tapered and slimming on the bottom.

Oversized sweaters are also great for layering over your oversized button-down.

Oversized pants

4. Oversized pants

Oversized pants can be very difficult to pull off. The most important piece to getting an oversized pair of pants to make you look not like you're drowning in the fabric is two fit points.

The first is at the waistline whether you like your pants high-waisted mid or low, they should still fit snugly. The next important fit piece is the inseam. 

Oversized pants

Definitely make sure that you know what shoes you plan on wearing with these oversized pants and get the inseam tailored so that they're not being dragged all over the ground.

Baggy t-shirt

5. T-shirt

The final piece is a t-shirt, these are so easy and so versatile to style.

Baggy t-shirt

You can even wear them in the winter as oversized, especially because they've got that extra volume so you can layer a whole bunch of things underneath if you like. 

Baggy t-shirt

I like to style mine by cuffing the sleeves, finding this makes the whole thing look more intentional.

Baggy t-shirt

I also really like knotting them at the waist to show off my figure but you can also tuck it completely in for a more preppy look.

How to style baggy clothes

There we have some tips and tricks for styling oversized clothing. I hope you found this style guide helpful and that you’ll try out some of the looks for yourself.

Don’t be put off from wearing oversized clothes, when styled correctly they can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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